With the disturbing news that Obama will use unconstitutional and dictatorial powers to nationalize the Internet tomorrow, he will also be issuing more illegal executive orders that will allow millions of illegal aliens the ability to waltz across the border to become new United States citizens at a snap of his finger. What could he possibly do next? How about letting the most dangerous regime in the world build a nuclear bomb?

For the past 6 years Obama has been hard at work in building an Islamic Caliphate. It started when he helped force out a reliable and stable ally in Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and replaced him with the Islamic terrorist organization called the Muslim Brotherhood. An organization that our own State Department has called a terrorist organization. Fortunately, after a year of their dictatorial rule they would be thrown out of power by the Egyptian military at the behest of the Egyptian people. Obama would follow this bad chess move with the illegal war to destabilize another friendly ally in the war on terror, Libya. The Libyan war would be fought with NATO air power and Islamic extremists would be used as ground forces using American weaponry. After the death of Khaddafi, our Ambassador and three other brave Americans, Libya is now in complete chaos with the Islamic State (ISIS) now in complete control. With two American allies out, Obama would focus on destabilizing Syria who at the time was fighting al Qaeda. What side would Obama take in that war? Not surprisingly, he would fight on the side of al Qaeda.

Obama creates and fights wars using al Qaeda fighters. He has also helped ISIS gain huge swaths of land in the Middle East and North Africa. He has enabled al Qeada and ISIS to ethnically cleanse and murder thousands of Christians, Jews and moderate Muslims all in the name of Allah. While all of this is going on Obama lectures America on the great virtues of Islam and how it was woven in our founding while trashing Christianity, his supposed faith. Listening to this clown you would think that our founding motto is, “in Allah we trust” instead of, “in God we trust.” The former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani was right on target when he said, “Obama does not love America!” Obama and the socialist democrats don’t love America. They never did. You don’t transform something you love. Period!