chippy_nyJust as we have learned that Italy has stepped up security for the pope after they learned of an ISIS plot to assassinate him,  Britain has heightened it’s terror level to “severe.” With the new Islamic terrorism threat level being raised across the Atlantic ocean, a new bulletin has been issued here in America of a new threat on our southern border.  It is also no surprise to learn that a Saudi Prince has predicted that the ISIS terror group will arrive in America in a month.

It is no coincidence that after the Obama administration was caught illegally selling U.S. arms to dangerous drug cartel thugs in Mexico, they would outrageously sue the state of Arizona for their audacity to enforce federal immigration law as it pertains to illegal aliens living in the state unlawfully? Encouraging illegal behavior only encourages more of it. If the Obama administration isn’t going to follow the law and protect law abiding Americans, why is it illegal for a governor of a border state to protect and defend her citizens? This was the case with Jan Brewer of Arizona back in 2012.

With the southern border currently wide open for anyone such as a Muslim extremist, armed cartel member, dangerous felon or anyone who has ideas of harming America and her citizens, is it not ironic that today we now have a federal bulletin warning of a terrorist threat along that same border?

As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) army continues to rape and murder thousands of people all in the name of Allah, what does president Obama proclaim in a strange tan suit at a press briefing about the ever growing and dangerous threat?

It is blatantly obvious to anyone who can see that what is more important to Obama is not the safety of the average American, he is more concerned with people who give him political donations, the guy that cooks for his family and the social justice cable network that lavishly praises and adores every move he makes.

That is what is on his royal plate this Labor Day weekend. In the wake of the new terror revelations Obama will be attending a wedding for the new, “it-couple”  according to Vogue magazine. Then our young president will be attending three fundraisers with wealthy donors who will no doubt be seeking special government exemptions and favors in return for their campaign cash.

While Obama nonchalantly parties it up in New York on this holiday weekend in light of the new terror warning that threatens our southern border, it is also important to know that our president is threatening to bypass congress and issue an executive order allowing legal status to millions who came here illegally.

Considering the dangerous open border policy of the Obama administration along with the knowledge that the president does not have an immediate strategy to confront ISIS, it is not surprising that the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi would boastfully declare when he was released by Obama in 2009, “I will see you guys in New York.”