imageDuring the 2008 presidential election, Hillary Clinton’s health was never an issue to be concerned about. In 2007, she used a quote from a popular black composer named James Cleveland that read, “I don’t feel no ways tired.” She used the phrase to exemplify her promise to always work hard for those that couldn’t take care of themselves.

Fast forward eight years later to the presidential campaign of 2016. You can see this woman has serious medical issues. At today’s 911 Memorial in New York City, Mrs. Clinton was in such terrible shape she had to be suddenly whisked away by her security detail shortly after arriving at the event due to a medical emergency. The shocking video below reveals how she had to be physically held upright and thrown into her vehicle by her own security detail. This is very disturbing to see from someone who hopes to be elected president of the United States in sixty days.

When Hillary Clinton was running for president eight years ago, there were never any real concerns about her health. In 2008, she ran on the idea of being a champion for those that couldnt take care of themselves. After today’s medical emergency at ground zero, there are now serious questions as to whether she can take care of herself.