In 2011 Donald Trump publicly endorsed the war in Libya. He said what was going on there,”is full carnage.” He would further say “this could be the worst thing in history” if we don’t deploy our forces who are in the area.

Five years later Trump would flip-flop his position on Libya at the 2016 CNN republican presidential debate. There, he would actually have the audacity to blame the politicians for getting our military involved. He would go on to indicate that if things were just left alone in the region the Islamic State would have never formed. Talk about hutzpah?

It is fair to assume that “The Donald’s” flip-flopping is his art of the deal. Only your just not supposed to remember what he flip-flopped on. He flip-flops on anything and everything so often it is difficult to pin him down on any given political issue. He reminds me of a lizard that changes colors whenever it moves to a different location. The lizard does this to hide itself from dangerous preditors. “The Donald” does this to hide his true belief system from the voters.