Our petulant know-it-all boy president has once again issued another illegal executive action. This new executive action requires a federal takeover of the internet. Obama’s action is a clear violation of the first amendment and bypasses the consent of congress. The move comes after the Federal Communication Commission five member panel voted on the illegal executive action in a 3-2 party line vote.

The illegal government power grab will cost Americans billions of dollars in new fees and allows the Federal Election Commission to monitor and prohibit political speech of opponents of the Marxist democrat machine. Obama’s desperate power grab was issued just days after the embarrassing 2015 mid-term election defeat and begins at the end of February. It is a similar effort much like that of the IRS and DOJ in 2010 in which the Marxist democrats and their willing accomplices in their Liar Czar Media illegally conspired to stifle and stop conservative organizations from legally obtaining tax-exempt status. If you can’t win elections fair and square why not eliminate your perceived enemies altogether? This is exactly what Obama’s executive action does barring a court injunction.

So just like Obamacare, Obama wants to have federal government control of the internet. It is just another Marxist redistribution plan that takes money from one and gives to another. The unheralded move will make internet users pay more for less quality that will ultimately cause less economic freedom and growth in the private sector of what was once the most powerful economic engine in the free world.

This is what happens when you vote for a skinny biracial, community-organizer who himself believes is an, “African-American.” When one lies about who he is what more can one get away with? Apparently a lot. Newscasters get fired for this kind of thing. It’s too bad president don’t.