Chuckie Gets Humiliated!

You want to talk about a brilliant move by president Trump? What he did yesterday was masterful. Instead of negotiating border security behind the scenes with back stabbing, sanctuary city socialists, he did the negotiation in front of the fake news media. It was masterfully done so everyone could see. The president’s message was simple. Fund the wall now or I will shut down your government!

When these sanctuary city politicians began to realize the negotiating was on live television, you could tell they couldn’t handle the fact the president had the upper hand of the entire argument.  He used facts instead of their fake news media bullet points. Their reaction and body language said it all.

When they realized the president was winning the argument on live television, these vile, open border socialists began insulting the president of the United States. These two dumbasses are as bat shit crazy as their insane base. Take a look.



Trump invited these two open border traitors into the White House in order to discuss building the border wall. The president told these insulting ass clowns he will shut the government down unless he gets the proper funding to build a border wall. The president has the facts and the people on his side. Last month alone, Illegal immigration was the largest in our nation’s history. It should be no surprise to anyone polling on this subject. The data confirms the American people are on the president’s side.

70 percent of Trump supporters want the wall built now in order to stop the constant invasions coming from the south. If there was a wall to stop this constant law breaking, there would be no invasions. The president masterfully rolled these two socialists on live television. The president’s message was plain and simple. Fund the wall now or I will shut down your government!