imageWhen reporters attend news conferences they understand there are rules and guidelines that must be used in order to conduct a proper presser. If there weren’t any rules and guidelines the event would have no order and chaos would ensue. Well, that’s what happened when Univision’s Jorge Ramos attended Donald Trump’s presidential campaign event yesterday. Mr. Ramos discarded those rules and made a staged and deliberate spectacle of himself in order to promote his pro-amnesty agenda. Mr. Ramos antics was so over the top he had to be deported from the event.

Much like the mindset of illegal aliens who deliberately cross our southern border, Mr. Ramos doesn’t think he has to wait his turn or follow the rules when it comes to adhering to the proper protocol while reporting from a presidential candidate’s news conference

Mr. Ramos isn’t a news anchor. He is an advocate for illegal aliens breaking the law. After all, it has been well documented that he and Univision are staunch supporters of illegal amnesty and Hillary Clinton. Univision has a financial interest in illegal aliens.  They are future viewers that will drive up ratings and profits for Univision that will enhance their corporate bottom line.. It’s not about compassion for Univision and the democrat party. It’s  about television ratings and voter demographics. Univision, Jorge Ramos and the democrat party need illegal aliens. That’s why they are working hard at getting Hillary Clinton elected in 2016.

Jorge Ramos wasn’t attending the Donald Trump news conference yesterday as a reporter for Univision. He was crashing the event as a community organizer to promote Univision’s and Hillary Clinton’s pro-amnesty agenda. That agenda is bad for America because it encourages millions of foreigners to llegally invade our country for the sole purpose of acquiring a larger cable audience that will undoubtably vote for politicians who promote and support the democrat party’s ever growing and unsustainable welfare state.