fucking_commiesThe democrat party needs poor people so bad that they are willing to steal them from other countries. Why you ask? They need new poor people to play to their Marxist theory “proletariat vs the bourgeoisie.”They need to portray to the American people that there is a perpetual class struggle between the rich and poor. It’s all manufactured propaganda.  They constantly define the republican party as, “the rich” and themselves as, “the poor.” It is very ironic however to learn that today the average democrat makes more money than your average republican voter. This analogy is also true in congress where you will find more democrat millionaires than from the other side of the isle. When democrats are in power, their policies promote the poor and condemn the well off. Statistically, these leftist policies that redistribute wealth from rich to poor create more poor people. It makes it more difficult for anyone to succeed and creates a larger welfare state where the masses depend on government assistance for their overall existence. They sell it to the public with their partners in the media as compassion for the little guy and the downtrodden, but in reality all they are doing is acquiring more power for themselves so they can create a bigger government so as to expand an ever growing and reliable voting block. It’s intentional and really quite simple to understand… it is vote buying.

As American’s eventually start climbing up the economic ladder of success that capitalism ultimately provides for them, democrats quickly begin to realize that their base is abandoning them for a better future. This paradigm quickly creates a new need to replenish the welfare state. So, how do you go about doing that? You create and implement a secret fake crisis of your own making to shore up and replenish your “proletariat” base.  Where have we heard this phrase before? “you should never let a good crisis go to waste!”

If there isn’t a crisis, why not manufacture one when nobody is paying attention? This is exactly what the Obama administration has orchestrated along the southern border. They have let it be known to people in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras that America does not intend to enforce border security along the southern border. Democrat house minority leader Nancy Pelosi admits, “that it’s not a crisis but an opportunity!” It’s  an opportunity for more welfare state voters beholden to the democrat play book.

The Obama administration is even bribing central American countries with a quarter of a billion dollars to have their citizens migrate illegally to America. The day after the State of the Union address of this year a  U.S. government web site advertised that they were looking for companies to provide escort services for illegal aliens in a clear violation of the law. Even today White House press secretary Josh Earnest told NBC that the Obama administration intends to further violate the separation of powers clause in the constitution when dealing with immigration when he said, “We are not just going to sit around and wait for congress to write laws. The real reason this criminal administration wants to bypass congress is that 65% of the American people don’t agree with them on their immigration reform.

We are now seeing hundreds of thousands of illegals being transported all across America to states like TexasNew Mexico and Massachusetts that is causing devastating effects on their local economy. What the president is doing is flooding the zone with illegal aliens to undermine our American heritage and wipe away our fundamental American traditions and laws that are beholden by our constitutional republic. Michelle Obama warned us about that in 2008.


Do you think that poor people who come to America understand and realize the concept of individual liberty and freedom? Why would they if they didn’t have it in their own country in the first place? That’s why they would make ideal subjects for the left to shape, mold and control while using their class warfare strategy. Balkanizing this country will slowly erase all those traditions and freedoms that a majority of Americans still enjoy. Those are the same traditions and freedoms, by the way, that the American left has been trying to eradicate and destroy for over 100 years.