Whether you agree or disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision on same sex marriage, one thing is absolutely for certain. Hillary Clinton would jump in bed politically with anyone if the price was right. Back in 2004, then New York senator Hillary Clinton openly defended the Defense of Marriage Act that was signed into law by her husband Bill Clinton in 1996. The law specifically clarified that marriage was officially meant to be between one man and one woman. Hillary Clinton would then say that the law was vitally important to instill family values and that it was a bedrock to our founding principles.

Eleven years later why in heavens name would Hillary Clinton flip-flop on her initial position on traditional family values and then agree with the exact opposite viewpoint in the run up to her 2016 presidential run?

So what’s with the flip-flop Hillary? Apparently what changed her mind were green backs donated to her family’s dubious foundation from pro-gay marriage groups. Among those groups that helped tip the scale for flipping Mrs. Clinton were, The Elton John AIDS Foundation which gave the Clinton Foundation $25,000.000.00, the MAC AIDS Fund which gave the Clinton Foundation $10,000,000.00, and the Pangea Global AIDS Foundation which gave the Clinton Foundation $1,000,000.00. $36,000,000.00 is a lot of money to easily get a desperate politician to change her mind. Four years after her original stance defending traditional marriage, Hillary would now conveniently flip-flop her stance for newly needed campaign cash and votes from a newfound and wealthy constituency. It was 2008 when Hillary was trailing badly in the polls to political newcomer Barack Obama. Thankfully, she and husband would meet up with Sir Elton John at a fundraiser for her presidential run in New York City. It turned out to be a match made in heaven.

The political marriage between Hillary Clinton and the same sex marriage crowd began when Hillary desperately needed their campaign money and votes in her close primary battle with Barack Obama back in 2008. This political marriage took form when Sir Elton John wrote a big fat check for $25,000,000.00 to The Clinton Foundation in 2011. Finally, the political marriage was literately complete when Sir Elton John metaphorically placed the diamond carat ring on Mrs. Clinton’s finger in 2013 when she was given an award from the Elton John AIDS Foundation for her brave new stance on gay rights. When the check finally cleared and placed into the escrow account of The Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund, Hillary’s newfound stance on same sex marriage was officially etched in stone. What would Hillary Clinton say today to the good natured people that still believe that the traditional family is a bedrock to the founding principles of our country? “Screw you! Go find your own $36,000.000.00!”