irs_0818As congress continues its investigation into the scandal at the IRS for unfairly targeting conservative/Tea Party 501C-3 groups, the nefarious activities of far-left 501C-3 groups continues to go on without the same scrutiny. The leftist argument is that the conservative 501C-3 groups are biased towards conservative candidates and causes and therefore should not be getting tax-exempt status. This is all very well and good but the same concerns should also pertain to far-leftist groups that pretend to be partisan. What is really on display is left-wing hypocrisy of the highest order.

Tale for example the tax-exempt status of Public Citizen. ┬áIt is a non-profit company started by Ralph Nader in 1971. This company and 4 other’s have come together and formed a Texas non-profit called Texan’s for Public Justice (TPR) that aims to tear down Texas republican Governor Rick Perry. Mr. Perry who is considered by some to be a potential presidential candidate in 2016 was indicted on Friday, via a complaint by TPR, for threatening to veto funds for the Public Integrity Unit of Travis County’s district attorney’s office in Texas. It just so happens the woman, Rosemary Lehmberg, who runs this office had been caught drunk driving and abusing the power of her office to try to get off the charges. Under Texas law Rick Perry is not doing anything illegal. The governor has veto power. He is only doing his job.

Helping out the Nader front group, Public Citizen is billionaire money man George Soros. He is donating $500,000 of his Hedge Fund money to infuse capital for the front group called, Texans for Public Justice. They, like many of Nader’s front groups claim to be non-partisan, they aren’t. They never go after democrats. Why doesn’t the IRS flag these 501C-3 groups? Because they are part of the democrat/socialist cause of growing government in Washington DC and stopping those other groups that stand up against them to protect the constitution and individual freedom and rights that every American beholds.

Their liar czar friends in the media are crowing about the (soon-to-be-thrown out lawsuit) indictment for the past 2 days devoting 25 minutes to the bogus story. All this because Texas Governor Rick Perry may run for president in 2016? First they spent millions to take out Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. That didn’t work. Then it was time to take out New Jersey Governor Christ Christie with Bridge-Gate. That was unsuccessful. Now, the little leftists and their nefarious kook outfits are biting the heals of Rick Perry. Why? Because he is the latest threat to their totalitarian utopia. Whether it is illegally using the IRS or indiscreet non-profits that falsely claim to not participate in partisan politics or endorse candidates, you can always leave it to the socialist-democrats to criminalize conservative politicians for successfully doing their job. Because when leftists do their job and apply their ideology, America goes to hell in a hand basket.