Who would have thought that during last night’s boring and low-rated democrat presidential debate, a 68 year old grandma would make the outrageous statement that Donald Trump was nothing more than a recruitment tool for ISIS. Notice at the end of this woman’s unhinged rant her dim witted followers sitting in the audience clapped like trained seals because they thought their overaged zen master was scoring big time political points against the republican presidential front runner.

In reality, she wasn’t scoring any points. She was in fact fumbling the ball. ¬†Unbeknownst to Mrs. Clinton and her merry band of idiot’s, ISIS’s newly released recruitment video doesn’t include Donald Trump at all. It features among others images of Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, John Kerry and her husband, Bill Clinton. When referencing Bill Clinton in their recruitment video they used the term to describe the former president as, “the fornicator.”

We all need to remember the only reason Hillary Clinton’s husband continually bombed Iraq back in the 1990’s was to misdirect the press’s attention to hide the fact that he was having a sexual affair with a young White House intern named Monica Lewisnky.

It is interesting to see if Hillary Clinton can get away with falsely accusing Donald Trump as someone that ISIS is using to recruit violent jihadists to wage war against the good people of the United States. It’s ironic that in¬†ISIS’s newest propaganda video Donald Trump is now where to be seen. What is seen front and center are images of two democrat presidents. Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Two people that Hillary Clinton happens to be closely associated with.