Two weeks ago in Iowa during an interview with the editorial director of Field and Stream magazine Donald Trump said he was against giving federal lands back to the states because he didn’t think the states would procure the lands as well as the federal government can.

Today in Nevada, The Donald went absolutely apoplectic at Ted Cruz and called him “a liar’ for producing a truthful ad that verified Trump’s stance on the issue.

This just shows you that Donald Trump can’t remember what he stands for week to week on any given issue. When he gets called out on it by his political opponents he has a Trumper Tantrum. When you change your positions as Mr. Donald Trump does it’s must be difficult for him to understand what he really stands for. If Mr. Trump is going to have a temper tantrum after somebody tells the truth about what he actually said, then he may not have the temperament  to be the next president of the United States.