chippy911Back in 2007 George W. Bush predicted that American forces leaving Iraq prematurely would lead that country to fall to al Qaeda or an enemy that would be just as dangerous. The president would issue that warning at a time when his poll numbers were cratering and a majority of Americans didn’t agree with the Iraq war effort. That didn’t matter to George W. Bush. All he knew was that the intelligence briefings he was receiving were indicating that if we did not do the right thing in Iraq then, we would pay a much bigger price in the future not only there but here on our homeland.

You see it wasn’t always about politics with George W. Bush. He wanted to just do the right thing. It didn’t matter what the communist/socialist left and their media chattering class wanted. They were always going to scream and yell at anything that was done by anyone named Bush because it was always political for them 24-7, 365 days a year.

Ironically, Obama would win the presidency in 2008 as the anti-war candidate beating Hillary Clinton who herself was against leaving troops in Iraq. Their reasons were pure political according to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

So if you are so inclined to watch Obama’s inane speech tonight just remember that he will not be delivering it because it is the right thing to do militarally. He will be delivering a prime time speech to save his ass politically and to improve his low approval ratings among the American people due to his lack of decision making concerning Iraq and ISIS. Obama’s intentions are to win the next election for his party in November. He doesn’t care about peace in Iraq. One thing Obama and the left never understand is that according to our enemies we live in a world that is defined by the aggressive use of force and not by the aggressive use of speeches. George W. Bush understood this. Obama doesn’t.