It looks like Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will be the fall guy for failing to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for our pajama boy president. Proving once again that whenever Obama makes a promise, that promise will most likely never be kept.

Back in the 2012 reelection campaign joe Biden boastfully declared that American forces, “Would be out of Afghanistan by 2014. Period!” He had to say that to get his kook base out and vote on Election Day.

Obama would echo this at the 2013 State of the Union speech when he too would falsely promise that, “all combat troops would be home by the end of 2014.”

In a news dump late Friday afternoon the administration reported that they were prepared to leave U.S. Forced in Afghanistan well past their purported 2014 deadline.  You can only imagine how irate and shocked Obama had to be when he learned about this news while reading his newspaper. It is no wonder that on the following Monday Hagel would be forced to resign. Again, when Obama and Biden make outrageous promises that are impossible to keep, someone else gets the blame. They sure don’t.

Where have we heard bragadocous promises before from these lying scoundrels? Oh yea! I remember. Lying to pass a Marxist healthcare plan was essential with the current regime. Remember, Stalin said the key to socialist state was healthcare!

After Obamacare was illegally passed by the socialist democrats in the Senate through a technicality our dear leader would say, “he was sorry” that many Americans would now lose their own privately bought healthcare plans due to the new law. This after telling Americans you can keep your plan if you like your plan.


Ultimately, the number of people who would lose their healthcare plans will be significantly higher than people who are forced to sign up for an Obamacare plan.

This is what all Marxists do. They regulate industry with onerous government regulations that in the end cause the collapse of that particular industry. As a result, the government then grows larger as it swallows up the failed industry that their laws destroyed.

When you have the Jonathan Gruber’s and Chuck Hagel’s of the world telling anyone who cares to listen to the truth about the lies that were told to ram through Obamacare or the misleading announcements of bringing troops home prematurely. that’s a sure sign that the many promises that were made by this administration were factually inaccurate and wrong. In the end, many of these promises became empty promises because they were ones that could not be kept.