imageIt was hilarious watching Bill Clinton talk to his wife’s old geezer friend Charlie Rose last night. These two old fools were downplaying Hillary Clinton’s alarming medical emergency earlier in the day at the 911 Memorial. According to bubba, her problem is only minor and is a result of dehydration. Bubba admitted his wife’s medical emergency “has happened before. She gets dizzy!” What?

Watching these two old guys, who looked dehydrated themsleves try to spin and downplay Mrs. Clinton’s awful 911 face plant was a akin to watching two senior citizens boringly discuss what kind of jello they wanted to dine on at the local senior center cafeteria.

Spinning Hillary Clinton’s medical emergency is in itself problematic for her and the country. One needs to understand that dehydration is the leading cause of hospital visits for the elderly. The statistics prove that dehydration can lead to many problems for seniors. When an old person doesn’t understand the serious problems that is associated with their old age, dire circumstances or even death may occur. Electing an old woman such as Hillary Clinton into the office of the presidency of the United States is not only dangerous to the health of Mrs. Clinton, but also to the health and well being of our great country.