imageLast month the popular Attorney General of Florida publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president. Her endorsement was a big one in the eyes of many Florida republican voters. The state’s republican presidential primary was just days away. Did the voters of Florida understand that when Pam Bondi was running for reelection in 2013, her buddy Donald Trump gave her political committee $25,000?

Looks like a pay to play scheme if there ever was one. Here is why. A lawsuit was filed against Donald Trump in the state of Florida in 2013 that alleged that Trump University had “scammed” more than 5,000 people out of more than $40 million by falsely promising to teach them the tools to Trump’s real estate success. Shortly thereafter, a payment by Trump in the amount of $25,000 was made to a political committee controlled by Pam Bondi.

After the payment was made Pam Bondi’s office never investigated the fraud complaints filed against Trump University. When Pam Bondi endorsed Donald Trump for president she said, “I felt Florida needed to be changed,” “Now, our country and our world needs someone who is going to protect our security like never before, and that’s why I support Donald.”

We now know why Donald Trump got involved in a little known Attorney General election in Florida in 2013. A lawsuit against him needed to be dismissed. In the end, Donald Trump not only won the state’s primary, he received a 2 for 1 for his timely contribution to Ms. Bondi. A dismissal and an endorsement. Does that sound like real change to you?