imagePresident Obama severely criticized president Bush back in 2008 for adding 4 trillion dollars to the nation’s debt. He would also say that doing so was, “Unpatriotic!” The one crying about the debt limit back then has more than doubled it on his watch in just six short years.

Obama was incorrect when he stated that president Bush added 4 trillion when in actuality it was 3 trillion. It is understandable why our young and inexperienced, boy leader would get his math wrong. Just look at the debt he has now accumulated since his heralded coronation back in 2008. He has added a whopping 8 trillion dollars to the national debt that today totals over 18 trillion dollars.

On the 2008 campaign trail, Obama would chastise Bush as, “unpatriotic” for piling $30,000 of debt on the backs of average Americans. Never mind that he would nearly double that to $56.000 in just 6 short years.

If George W. Bush was, “unpatriotic” for adding 3 trillion dollars to the national debt during his presidency, how would you describe someone who more than doubled that amount today? ¬†How about an, “unpatriotic hypocrite.”