imageAmericans outside of the the northeast corridor understand that the United States government cannot protect them from radical Islamic terrorists. The terrorist attack in San Bernadino, CA taught us that. That’s why millions of Americans are buying guns and ammunition in record numbers. They want to protect themselves and their families. Terrorism is what troubles most Americans these days followed by illegal immigration and the economy. Yet, what is president Obama’s main agenda item for the first week of 2016? Why, it is to trample the second amendment rights of every single American. Of course, he would have to bring, “The Children” into the argument sprinkled in with a few fake alligator tears at an organized White House event earlier this week.

Obama”s agenda isn’t stoping radical Islamic terrorists. It isn’t stoping North Korea and Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. It isn’t even stopping foreign citizens that legitimately belong to other countries from illegally walking over our southern border in order to live on America’s welfare state. Obama doesn’t want to stop any of this because it helps him with his sole objective of fundamentally transforming America. The only people Obama wants to, “stop” are average Americans.

Someone needs to remind president Obama that even though a brand new year was ushered into existence just seven days ago, the growing dangers that reared its ugly head in 2015 are still with us this new year. Whether it is a teetering economy, radical Islamic terrorism, illegal immigration, dangerous countries such as Iran and North Korea continue with their hell bent desire to build weapons of mass destruction. America remains in the cross hairs of dangerous enemies who wish to do us harm. The only practical way for Americans to counter these threats is to protect themselves and arm up. If president Obama has a problem with that and wishes to take away the second amendment rights of every single American, then he too can be added to the list of dangerous threats to this country.