inspect2Connecting the dots is the first thing that is done by any good investigator when trying to solve a case. The same thing is done after any society experiences a horrific terrorist attack. In the end, what we always come to find is that the horrific terrorist attacks are always perpetuated by Muslim extremists. We are witnessing this same scenario in Paris, France today in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks that were carried out by no other than, Muslim extremists. In this case they happen to hail from Syria. By connecting the dots between Muslim extremists and Muslim migration, this particular terrorist attack was predictable.

Back on September 10, 2015 the Islamic State openly telegraphed their desire to attack western civilization by smuggling 4,000 ISIS fighters amongst the thousands of migrant refugees currently flooding into Europe. Knowing this it is dumbfounding to learn that politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and others continue to happily promote dangerous immigration policies that allow for the influx of thousands of Muslim migrants into their countries. An act of compassion or the kiss of death? You be the judge.

Here at home, Obama’s immigration strategy is to flood America with illegal immigrants from countries south of our border. He is also applying the same strategy when it comes to Muslim migrants from the Middle Eastern countries. A little over a month ago Obama tweeted out his intention to increase the amount of unfettered Syrian migrants into the United States to well over 100,000 per year. Is anyone in the Obama administration even a little bit concerned as to know what percentage of ISIS fighters in that group will we be going to go to war with in our home country?

If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel or any other leftist politician on this planet is willing to endanger their own constituencies by allowing, “pathway to citizenship” type policies too just about anyone from anywhere, then they are increasing the chances of more terror attacks from Muslim extremists within their own countries. Their immigration plans are ignorant, illegal and dangerous to anyone with any common sense. Past experience proves to us that when you connect the dots between Muslim migration and Muslim extremism, you come to the understanding that both are quite deadly.