imageWhite House spokesperson Josh Earnest said last week that it is entirely “consistent with the Obama strategy” to have our Navy personnel get captured, then be held hostage at gun point and then get released by the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran. It’s exactly what the Prime Minister of Israel warned us about last year when Bibi Netanyahu said, “when you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

The question was asked by a Fox News reporter. It’s a shame that no other reporter from any other news network would dare ask or follow up on a question regarding the murky nature of learning any real news detailing in the capture, the holding and then finally the release of U.S. Navy personel by the Iranian government.

It’s another example of the Obama administration false assertion that, “they are completely transparent” on any given issue when in reality, all they do is play the “news blackout” game designed to keep the truth hidden from the American people. This same strategy was used by this administration when dealing with other Obama scandals such as, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, Berghdal terrorist swap, the Veterans Affair scandal, funding failed energy companies, illegall immigration scandal, Obamacare and the Associated Press spying scandal.

It is a shame that the American people will never get to learn the real truth of what really happened to our Navy soldiers in the Persian Gulf. You can be rest assured that the Obama administration and the Iranian government know exactly what went down.