imageIn an interview with George Stephanopoulos today, Donald Trump bizarrely revealed that he thought the Republican Party didn’t need to be unified for him to win the 2016 presidential election. It is Trump’s naive and foolish belief that all he needs to do is use his cult of personality to simply persuade huge swaths of socialist democrat voters from the Clinton and Sanders campaigns to come over and vote for him. Earth to Don? Are you for real?

That’s interesting because only two short months ago after his big Super Tuesday win he said something quite the opposite when he proudly proclaimed he was going to, “unite the Republican Party” and when we do, “We will be unstoppable!”

Maybe Trump is beginning to realize he will never unite the Republican Party. He can’t possibly do so now because he is the person who has been for months blowing it up using half truths, smears and bald face lies to mock the integrity of his fellow republican competitors. Why would anyone who supported anyone other than Trump want to jump on board his scorched earth campaign after what this bombastic bomb thrower did to their own candidate?

As of today, 58 percent of republican voters didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Only 42 percent have. At this time in 2012, Mitt Romney was receiving 52 percent of the vote. That’s ten points higher than what Trump is getting today. I don’t recall hearing anyone from the media mentioning anything about the big, “Romney movement” back in 2012? That’s because they were terrified of Romney. The polls back then had Romney up by 3 to 6 points over Obama. This year, Trump is losing to Hillary by thirteen in the latest CNN poll. No wonder Donald Trump is changing his tune about uniting the Republican Party. He knows he can’t possibly do that now because he is the person who has essentially been destroying it for the last five months.