Some of the guys over at Zero Hedge alert me this morning that Goldman has developed the keen insight to remove AAPL from their “Conviction Buy List” – go figure?


All I know is they best double that dividend soon or it is going to be time again to pass the puke bucket. Down to that 360 and change level. Vast analysis and some chart witticisms in this video of the weekly trend basis here.

Mother of god just make it stop!


What Is Rotten In Denmark?

WTF is going on with The 6 Banks in this video – that are some of the core holdings of the EUFN exchange traded fund?

And while I am at it… why in the hell did all the QE2 money go in to funding ad nauseam  foreign banks who simply have domestic branches in “our” country?

It is all laid out quite beautifully by Zero Hedge in this piece here



Where Do We Go From Here…


With “Quantitative Eternity” the order of the day, and the Fed “rat-fucking” capital markets as our new world global mandate – here is some analysis on what might be possible should the Bullwinkle stampedes continue.


I will go over “Scales Of Force” as applied to the DOW, S&P, OEX, NASDAQ & Russell 2000 to try and put a mathematical bend on things.

This is your chart video here!



Telephone Tuff Guys!


It doesn’t get any more stupid, really…than this. Two obsolete bloviating gas bags – spending 35 minutes on national television screaming ‘I know you are but what am I…’

I am re posting the CNBC clip here only for its entertainment value. Get yourself a full bottle of your favorite adult beverage, a rocks glass, and listen to Ichan and Ackman slam their pencil dicks on the desk, over who will win the long or short battle on Herbalife.

You can’t fix stupid!



The Next Cabana Boy Over The Pool Deck…


They are scrambling like lemmings now to try and goat-fuck their previous ill conceived analyst forecasts, and revise reality before it is too late. Again…

And who can blame them really? I mean for god’s sake, FAAPL only made 54 billion in revenues in the past 13 weeks. They only have 137 BILLION DOLLARS  in cash reserves.  That only represents 30% of their market cap. And they only are paying a paltry dividend of $2.65 per share.

It’s a dog with fleas, Gordo! Dump it…

Meanwhile Google-A-GoGo has knocked it out of the park again and is taking no prisoners. And what about Netflix? This crappy, half-ass, chump service is now experiencing it’s highest one day rise in history. Plus 43 friggin percent, Holy earnings beat, Batman. Analysts never saw that one coming either.

It is a ‘Tale Of Three Earnings” really, and I will bullet their stock charts for you in this video here.

Oh, and lest I forget…the Chinese want to buy RIMM.