imageIt is very peculiar to discover that an extremist, ultra-left wing publication that practically invented the incurable and debilitating sickness known as Bush Derangement Syndrome in 2001, is now awkwardly coming to the defense of a Bush in 2015. Bush Derangement Syndrome was first discovered in 2001. It afflicted every leftist within the country from 2001 to 2008. The symptoms of this syndrome were on display whenever anything and everything that could possibly go wrong in this country made American leftists feel ginned up anger and irrational rage and resentment toward president George W. Bush. If there was a hurricane, murder, low gas prices, terrorism, oil spills and heavens to bid even if your soup wasn’t hot enough the Liar Czar Media made sure to pin the blame on George W. Bush. It was used constantly by the press day and night, 24-7 to demonize and destroy the credibility of the sitting president.  So it is rather surprising to see the an extremist, ultra-left wing publication come to the defense of his brother’s faltering 2016 presidential campaign.

According to New York Magazine’s own headline, Donald Trump or anyone else who even dares to believe in the altruistic idea of following the rule of law in this country you are, “insanely racist!” This irrational analogy was on display after Donald Trump ran a 15 second ad on his Instagram account depicting the truth about Jeb Bush’s stance on illegal immigration.

Jeb Bush’s stance on illegal immigration is to continue the open border policy that allows illegals to enter our country even as more Americans are documented as being raped, robbed and murdered by them on a daily basis. The reason the radical’s at New York Magazine rushed to the defense of Jeb Bush’s immigration position is because it is identical to Hillary Clinton’s. They both are for open borders. Recent polling indicates the American people’s views on immigration are more aligned with Donald Trump’s views than with either Jeb Bush’s or Hillary Clinton’s. As long as the borders continue to stay completely wide open, more aliens will be allowed to illegally enter the country to inflict not love, but pain and misery on loved ones who belong to families of law abiding Americans.  Crime rates aren’t the only statistic that rises when illegal aliens cross our border. Studies have proven that more than half become dependent on our welfare state.

The Liar Czar Media is in cahoots with the socialist party in trying to knock out Trump’s presidential chances in order to save Hillary’s.  Their hoping on Hillary having a liberal republican to run against her so she can artfully move to the middle by co opting her opponent’s agenda. You can be be rest assured they want her republican opponent to be Jeb Bush instead of Donald Trump. That way they can conveniently begin using the Bush Derangement Syndrome strategy that was implemented in 2001 against George W. Bush after he won the White House.  Only this time the strategy will be used by the Liar Czar Media to help Hillary by demonizing and destroying  Jeb before he even has a chance to step into the Oval Office.