chippy061315It’s quite obvious in the Liar Czar Media world that birds of a feather definitely flock together. Examples of this flock include George Stephanopoulos of ABC, Charlie Rose of PBS and CBS and Erin Burnett of CNN. One more example would be her colleague Fareed Zakaria. He is another Liar Czar Media puppet who works at CNN. They were a broadcast partner for the Clinton Global Initiative back in 2014. The parent company of CNN is Time Warner Inc. A company that has donated money to the Clinton Foundation. Mr. Zakaria has participated in many activities at the fraudulent Clinton Foundation. You will find that the CNN lackey often pushes socialist ideals on the far-left cable network. Below he suggests that communist, “China should be celebrating Thanksgiving and that America should have a big Mardi Gras party because that’s what we have become. A culture of over-consumption.” He would go on to say that, “American’s aren’t that wonderful and they are the big problem.” Yeah right! America needs to be like Communist China?

What Fareed Zakaria is advocating is global socialism. It is the socialist worldview that, “we” are all, “global citizens” and therefore, “we” as Americans should not be selfishly worried about the well-being of ourselves and our own families, but to the rest of the world. Fareed Zakarias and other socialist diehards who think this way are dangerous to our freedoms. People like him believe that in order for the whole world to survive and prosper, our nation must be less prosperous and surrender more of its liberty and freedoms in order to even the playing field for the rest of the world. This same elitist anti-American message can be heard from the likes of the United Nations, Barack and Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton or any other American socialist-democrat politician.

Days after the attacks on the American compound in Benghazi he shilled for the Obama administration in saying there was no clear evidence that the administration had any intent to lie to the public. He would further say that the idea that CIA officers at the Benghazi compound were denied requests for help were untrue. The truth would later reveal the opposite. As for the Obama’s foreign policy failures in Egypt, Russia, Syria and Libya, Fareed would ignorantly declare in 2012 that Obama’s foreign policy has been, “pretty successful.”

Fareed Zackaria is a Liar Czar Media puppet who works for a company that donates to the Clinton Foundation slush fund. He openly despises Americans and the country they live in. He has more in common with socialist, globalist elites that mingle at Clinton Foundation galas than he does with average Americans. The perverse political thinking he espouses don’t necessarily harm the one-percenters in America or the rest of the world for that matter, It is harmful and destructive to ordinary working people who bust their butt everyday to make a living. They can see the failure of Fareed Zakarias’ideology. They have been living through it for the last seven years.