chippy_0812As another entertainer dies from drug abuse and suicide such as Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Michael Jackson and now Robin Williams, network and cable news outlets always shamelessly glorify their lives as if their deaths directly affect average everyday Americans. The main stream media does this because they know America is a celebrity obsessed nation and putting a picture of a dead entertainer up on the television screen or on the cover of the local newspaper sells big time. It’s also fairly easy and cheap to use B footage of a dead celebrity while getting perspective from other celebrities about their deaths.

Sadly, when this happens the important news gets pushed aside and forgotten only to be thrusted back into the spotlight as old problems never really go away they just seem to fester and get worse. Take for example the problems America faces today with the invasion of illegal aliens on the southern border and the threat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Take the threat of the ISIS. Its current leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from an Iraqi detainment camp in 2009 and vowed to reservists from Long Island that, “he would see them in New York.”
On Sunday over 25,000 people died trying to escape the ISIS terrorist group and the situation in Iraq is so grave all America can do is air drop supplies without parachutes from 15,000 feet only to see those same supplies become useless as they explode when hitting the ground upon impact.  Raw footage from today reveals the desperate plight thousands are taking to escape certain death on Mount Sinjar. This video was shot from a helicopter that later crashed killing the pilot because of overcrowding.–6c&sns=em

Just as Islamic terrorists behead and massacre thousands who don’t comply with their hardline ideology overseas, these murderous thugs are openly promising to take their fight to America. It would be fairly easy for ISIS to take their fight to America because our southern border is currently wide open. It seems the foreign policy of the Obama administration is to let ISIS gain control as much control in the middle east as it wants.

The illegal alien invasion poses as another threat to the survival of our country economically and socially  The immigration laws of our country are currently not being enforced by this administration.  Anyone who wishes to enter our country illegally can.  We are the only nation on the planet that allows this lawlessness at its  border. Even people dressed like Osama bin Laden are allowed to cross the border at will.

When rich and famous celebrities die from bad behavior that they inflict on to themselves they are championed and glorified by the news and entertainment industry as people American’s must idolize and thank for their very existence.

This ogling spectacle goes on endlessly for hours and days and only stops when their bodies are finally laid to rest. It seems that celebrity news infatuation in America is more important than; the murderous genocide taking place overseas by a terrorist group that is vowing to do the same to.America, more important than stopping illegal aliens from entering the country illegally and who may bring death, disease and harm to her legal and law-abiding citizens. If the death of a celebrity is more important than the grave problems that face America and its survival? Then the death of America cannot be too far behind.