Just like the, “Communist Manifesto” co-author Karl Marx, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are outwardly telling Americans how they plan to”change” or abolish religion in America altogether. It was Karl Marx who dispised religion insinuating that it was, “the opiate of the people.” Marx believed that religion was needlessly giving the working class false hope and that it retarded human development. Marx along with communist dictator Vladimir Stalin believed that state imposed atheism was better at providing for the working class. When today’s corrupt politicians begin telling you that they plan to, “change” your religion, they  plan to, “change” who you worship.

Marx’s plan was to take down a capitalist society by slowly implementing socialism at first, then move onto communism in the final stage. When you have state imposed atheism, in the end what effectively happens is your God becomes your government. This is the utopian dream the totalitarian left has been planning on for years.