At Least They Had A Band On The Titanic!

The all important MONTHLY chart on SPOOS.  And what an unfortunate 3 months it has been for the BTFD crowd…I have some news for you Mr. President . Because you have claimed personal credit for every single new all time high – your are going to own this all the way back to the 2009 lows. To wit:

  1. The purple squiggly line is a 21 period SMA. It has always signaled transitions from Bull to Bear markets and from Bear to Bull markets. The current level on this moving average is 2644.33 – A close below this level on a MONTHLY basis will be disastrous. It would portend a very evil January followed by a violent February. For the Bullwinkles that is.
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  3. Failure of the 21 SMA suggests there is no true diatonic support left until we were to test the 2214 levels on S&P.
  4. The last time we had an actual close below the 21 SMA was the double bottom that formed in January & February of 2016 – right at the S&P 1800 level. 800+ SPOOS points ago.
  5. November of 2009 was the first time we crossed the 21 SMA, coming out of the GFC. Ten years and some 1600 central bank phony money induced points ago…And this next time the Fed ain’t coming. They still have another 4.1 trillion notional to dump.
  6. The Great Financial Crisis low in March of 2009 – @ 666.79. Ominous…

I AM KingCAMBO…smoke em’ if ya got em’ and that’s how I roll on year end 2018!



There is an entire generation of traders and millineal hedge fund managers whom have never seen a bear market. Much less a real interest rate environment. The FED has been broadcasting all year that they are unwinding their balance sheet, and would increase the runoff to 85 billion per month. Look at the October candle here. Any questions? Those who cannot recall the past – or even recognize the past in the first place…will be this years fresh road kill:

  • LTCM Fiasco 1997
  • DOT CON Bubble 2000-2002
  • Goldman Sachs Commodity Bubble 2005
  • Great Financial Mortgage Scam Bubble 2007-2009
  • Central Banks Funny Money Bubble…Stay Tuned



For those of you who don’t understand candle stick analysis maybe this hilarious cartoon can simplify the current situation for you.


Please Like Me On Facebook?

This is really quite disturbing…I spent all day at the office (work) editing eBay listings for WORK on their computers (work) on THEIR network (work). Three hours later at home, on my OWN computer (personal) and a completely different ISP (home) – my Facebook wall is feeding me ads for the same products I was editing on eBay at WORK. Hello Zuckerberg! …????WTF???

Seriously! What the hell is going on with this CRAP? And, NO… I was not using Facebook at WORK! WTF??????
God damn scary bro!

Would You Like Some More McChips With That Order?

  1. If INTC closes ABOVE 55.75 in the coming few days – this is an 18 year high. September 2000 – heights of the dot com fiasco. 18 year highs… WHY?  Back in the fall of 2000 INTC peaked @ 75.26 and change – has been below 55 (split adjusted) ever since.
  2. Note the angle of attack on each important SMA – onward and upward
  3. Money Stream – we are a go at throttle up
  4. WTF??? – The bull market is not quite dead yet Sir?
  5. Damn Bullwinkle. Stupid Moose…


“You cannot recover three things in this life: the word after it is said, the moment after it’s missed and the time after it’s gone…”


Hey Bob Pisani! WTF Are We Doing With This SPY?

This is the way this is going to play out:

  1. The final line in the sand at present is 274.39 – has held for all of April and May. SPY keeps banging its head on it.
  2. If we get a close above that – clear sailing to 280.61 – the March 13th highs
  3. If that levy breaks – absolutely no resistance until we test the all time historical highs @ 286.90 -AND- if this level gives way? The S&P will never go down again. And we will get free money forever and ever and ever again. Buy and hold and sleep tight
  4. 270.62 is the 100 SMA current support which has held for pretty much all of May. Below there is a nest of support @ the 268’s levels
  5. Balance of Power (BOP) has been all white – therefore “retail”. This is showing us the entire rally in May is HFT bots and day traders. There is no institutional money flow coming IN to this move.
  6. Money Stream is horizontal and this confirms what I just pointed out about BOP. There is no “BIG” money behind this. Only scalpers and pikers.
  7. TSV is flaccid and in all matters is now a non signal
  8. Real volume is down to 62 M +/- on a 10 day average.  In February 10 day was @ 195+ M – What does this tell you?

The most expensive prices you will ever pay on SPY is the first 8th and the last 8th. But wait, we don’t trade in 8th s anymore. So then the  0.125. I will leave you all to ponder that point.



“You cannot recover three things in this life: the word after it is said, the moment after it’s missed and the time after it’s gone…”