imageAfter every terrorist attack on American soil the first response by the Obama administration has been to blame those attacks on anything other than Islam. They always conveniently blame the attack on perceived hate that is supposedly projected by white people with Islamophobia, Christians, republicans or the Tea Party. When the blame doesn’t stick to individuals they despise, it then is placed on inane objects such as videos and firearms.. Fanatical left-wing ideologues always use this twisted type of political warfare on its political opponents because the socialist left hates them more than they hate radical Islamic extremists. In fact, they don’t hate radical Islamic extremists at all. They love them. Just ask them?

Radical Islamic extremism always gets a pass by this administration whether it is by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or anyone else. Whenever scores of Americans are brutally murdered by such terror attacks we are told by this administration to suspend reality and common sense and dismiss the facts that we know are in front of us. We identify the problem as radical Islamic terrorism because the people who carry out the acts always tell us so. They die in the name of Allah.

Americans are not the only ones getting frustrated with the Obama administration continued insistence on downplaying the danger of radical Islamic terrorism. The frustration has even gotten to al Qaeda. It’s so bad they have instructed their lone wolf jihadi’s to plan new attacks on “white people” so the administration and their Liar Czar Media can’t blame the attack on anything else but them. The terrorists are befuddled by the fact that they are being denied the credit for the terrorist acts they have committed.

Leave it to the fanatical left to continue to deploy the philosophy of communist activist Saul Alinsky. His advice was to ¬†never let a good crisis go to waste. That’s why when a terrorist attack occurres its never the fault of Islam, al Qaeda or radical Islamic extremists. It can’t be. That’s because the radical leftists ultimate target is to nullify the bill of rights and our constitution.

This was on full display last week in the House of Representatives when radical leftists tried to use the Orlando terror attack as a way to obliterate the dual process laws and second amendment rights of every single American. They would ¬†suspend reality in perpetuity so as to try and pass their constitutional hating agenda no matter how many Americans die at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists. The American left isn’t at war with radical Islamic terrorists. They are at war with the American people. Even the terrorists have finally figured this out.