imageDonald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign received a rather bizarre endorsement this week from a convicted rapist. His name, Mike Tyson. You may recall the billionaire tycoon stood by the championship boxer in 1992 when he was convicted of raping a young woman in Indiana. Not only did Donald Trump stand by Mike Tyson after his conviction he even offered this statement to NBC Nightly News, “It is my belief that Mike Tyson was railroaded in this case.” It was Trump’s belief that since the woman was seen smiling and dancing in the days after the rape showed that the rape really never occurred or that it was somehow consensual. Additionally, after the rape was reported someone offered the woman $1,000,000 to drop the suit altogether. Who would have possibly done that?

Many believed that the main reason Donald Trump stood by Tyson after his conviction was that Tyson was potentially a huge investment for the billionaire who had many casinos that offered championship boxing matches that garnered billions of dollars in revenue for the Trump Casino chain.

It is amazing and ironic to see that here you have a man running for president of the United States who just 24 years ago cared more about his billion dollar investment than he did for the well being of a young woman who was brutally raped. It shows you so much about the inner character of a man who this week not only accepted the endorsement of a convicted rapist, he bragged about it at one of his campaign stops in Indiana. Bizarre!