A bombshell report was exposed on capital hill today. It was learned that Barack Obama’s fanatical insistence on closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay may lead to the unnecessary murders of American citizens in numbers so horrible, an Obama administration official asked that a closed meeting be held in secret in order to keep the truth from the American public.

Before The House Foreign Affairs Committee, the man handpicked by president Barack Obama to close the detention center testified before an open committee hearing and painfully admitted that Americans  have died as a result of the release of Gitmo detainees. Paul Lewis chose not to reveal the exact number of Americans that have been killed, but did say he would provide the details in a closed committee hearing.

Barack Obama’s job is to protect the safety of every American. When it is discovered that we have unknowingly set free dangerous Muslim terrorist detainees who we now know have killed American soldiers, it’s time to immediately stop this ridiculous process of releasing them and keep the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center open for good.