imageAmerica needs to ban the Rainbow flag! That’s right! If we had to ban the evil and racist confederate flag from flying after the murders by Dylan Roof in South Carolina, then it’s time to do the same exact thing after a raging homosexual named Vester Lee Flanagan executed two innocent straight people and wounded a third while they were on a reporting assignment in Virginia.

This violent and racist homosexual admitted in his manifesto that he committed the gruesome murders as payback for not only the South Carolina massacre, but because he claimed he suffered from sexually discrimination and sexual harassment at work. In light of this information wouldn’t it be wise for congress to pass new legislation disallowing homosexuals from owning guns in the first place. Who knows when another irrational homosexual might get out of whack endangering the lives of anyone else who does not adhere to their freak show lifestyle? That would save a lot of lives in the end would it not?

After all, we now have empirical data that tells us that when a homosexual suddenly becomes emotionally distraught they may become violent putting innocent lives of normal Americans at risk. In order to make America a safer place to live for all of its citizens would it not be in our best interest to ban the Rainbow flag altogether? It represents a queer and repressive lifestyle that portrays a very small minority of people in our country that we now know hates anyone and anything that doesn’t believe or adhere to their peculiar way of life.

In the wake of the killings in Virginia by an evil, dangerous and confused homosexual, it’s time to have a national discussion on what has now become blatantly obvious to anyone who can see straight. The Rainbow flag has now become a dangerously racist symbol of the homosexual minority in this country. In the aftermath of this violent act, it is time for our fragile nation to heal. The only right way for this to be possibly done is to once and for all banish the Rainbow flag from existence. It ┬árepresents pure evil. If the confederate flag had to be banned and taken down after the murders in South Carolina, then it would only be right for Rainbow flag to banned and taken down after the horrendous executions in Virginia.