A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777-200 jet was blown out of the sky today over Ukraine killing all 298 people on board. It is believed that as many as 23 Americans were on board. Flight #MH-17 from Amsterdam to Kuala-Lumpur crashed near Grabovo Village after a surface to air missile provided by Vladimir Putin’s government hit the airplane in mid- air. It is believed that a Pro Russian Group is responsible for the attack.

Upon hearing the news and after speaking to Vladimir Putin on the phone president Obama gave a short one minute speech in between fundraisers in which the president seemed uncaring, detached and emotionally absent from the horrific tragedy befallen by so many loved ones here and abroad. Obama acts like this sort of thing happens everyday. At the end of the speech he is seen giving shout outs to some of his buddies.


This is how the leader of the free world conducts himself? This is what we get? Perhaps Mr. Obama should take some lessons from a real American president. One who understands the gravity of the situation and has the seriousness to explain to the nation that when planes are intentional blown up over the sky by any nation, that there will be grave and dire repercussions against that nation. We did hear a speech of that nature from a president once in 1983.

His name was Ronald Reagan and he knew how to be presidential when the situation was needed. He understood that when Americans were needlessly murdered by an evil enemy, there would be hell to pay!  Reagan knew how to act presidential because he was an adult. Obama on the other hand acts like someone who has always lived in a liberal fantasy land where reality never exists. Unbeknownst to Obama, the only thing that exists is a false notion of self contentment within the White House and that presents an overall danger to all Americans here at home and abroad.