Regarding @KingCAMBO a/k/a @HedgeFundSkippy

He is often described as some kind of half-mad cross between a hermit and a wolverine…a thing best left alone as long as possible.

HedgeFundSkippy – formerly known as KingCAMBO… is a certified stock market genius and potentate. He has been providing market content on the Web since the golden days of Netscape and the dot com follies. He was widely known during the years 1998-2009 as the host of “The Traders Think Tank ” on a domain which regrettably, has now gone dark. And that is troubling really…

In early 2009, around the time that the Hank Paulson – Ben Bernanke scam of the century reared it’s hideous head – and with it bringing the death throes of free and open discovery markets to an end as we knew it; KingCAMBO decided to become and remain gainfully unemployed. And he never returned, no he never returned. And his fate is still unlearned…

Over the past 8 years, KingCAMBO a/k/a HedgeFundSkippy has been honing and perfecting his skills as a professional Financial Astrologer. And here he remains howling at the moon; and perhaps just slinging his thoughts and inane drivel across the blogosphere. For good or ill…Stay tuned

Regarding @ChippyD

There but for a fickle fit of fate – ChippyD was born in to and raised around the media elite. The real media elite. An he knows more about the real media, politics, news, and everything behind it -than anything you or I could ever have a hangover cure us of.

And, due to the interests of national security – ChippyD’s true identity can never be fully disclosed. Or the location of his palatial estate. You will be able to rely upon him daily for insightful dialogue on everything current. Not to mention everything that the media spins to you as pure and utter bullshit.

Stay tuned.