imageRemember this blast from the past? “I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton,” Trump said of Cruz, whom the real estate mogul also called a “total fraud” and “the biggest liar I’ve ever seen.”

It turns out the only candidate that Goldman Sachs is controlling is Donald Trump. Today he picked Steven Mnuchin to be his campaign’s finance chairman. Mnuchin is the chairman and CEO of the private investment firm Dune Capital. He worked for Goldman Sachs for seventeen years and for the ultra-liberal, mega donor George Soros’s OneWest Bank in California. Like his new boss, Mnuchin has donated heavily to Hillary Clinton. Over two decades Mnuchin has donated over $120,000 to political candidates. $64,000 to democrats and $44,000 to republicans.

Steven Mnuchin and Donald Trump have other things in common besides having New York values and friends in the democrat party. They both know a lot about bankruptcies. Mr. Mnuchin was one of the founders of a big Hollywood movie studio called Relativity Media. It filed for bankruptcy in 2015 because it failed to pay off $320 million in loans. OneWest Bank and Dune Capitol were investors in Mnuchin’s new company. Dune Capital lost as much as $80 million in the doomed studio project. There were other investors in the studio who lost millions. They were particularly disturbed to learn that one investor recouped some money. It was OneWest Bank. It was silently funneled $50 million from the studio just one month prior to the bankruptcy filing in July 2015.

The political candidate that is being controlled by Goldman Sachs was never Ted Cruz. It is billionaire Donald Trump.  He has broken one of his biggest campaign promises. That was to fund his own campaign. Instead of doing that he has hired an old Goldman Sachs bagman. It turns out that the person who is the biggest liar and total fraud is Donald Trump. He proves this to us each and everyday.