In May of 2011 president Obama spoke confidently to the nation from the Oval Office and declared an end of our combat mission in Iraq. Operation Iraqi Freedom would be over. In that speech Obama would not disclose his failure to broker a “status of forces agreement” between the U.S. and the Iraqi government that would have kept a small number of coalition forces in country to help train Iraqi forces and help keep the peace. In his speech Obama would boastfully say, “this milestone should serve as a message to the world that America intends to sustain and strengthen its leadership in this young century.”  Obama defined his speech as a “historic moment.” He ended by saying that, “there will be no doubt that the Iraqi people will have a strong partner in the United States”.

With coalition troops absent from the country for almost three years, we find al Qaeda is now flying their black flags over towns that the U.S. Armed forces once captured using the blood of American soldiers.  Mass killings and beheadings are on the rise in cities such as Fallujah,, Mosul, and now Tikrit . Many towns and cities continue to fall to dangerous Muslim fanatics who are on a rampage and many foreign policy experts now believe that terrorist extremists will ultimately lead to the fall of Baghdad. The American Embassy is being evacuated  and the Iraqi government is so desperate for help they have pleaded for the United States to engage in air support. Their requests have been denied by the man who once promised that America was Iraqi’s strongest supporter. In a sudden reversal of fortune, the country now seems to be on the verge of total collapse. Today, as American diplomats and contractors are being airlifted out of the country in an emergency fashion  the former secretary of state and presumable 2016 democrat presidential front runner Hillary Clinton strangely remains proud of her so called accomplishments in the troubled region.

What American would believe that this would now be happening in a country that was once ruled by a dictator who used chemical weapons and terror on his own people only to be successfully taken out by American and coalition forces?  In a interview from 2009 even Obama had to admit the military surge ordered by George W. Bush in Iraq worked.

In 2010 the Vice President concluded that the war in Iraq was a great success story and that all the credit should go to the Obama administration.

Is America a strong partner of Iraq as the president stated in 2011? The answer is no. It is evidently clear that Obama has run away from the victory in Iraq. In his delusional head what happens now isn’t his fault. After all, Obama is never held accountable for anything that goes wrong. He can say Bush started the war and he ended it. The victory that took place before he ended it doesn’t matter. The democrat socialists/communists who run the democrat party in America are anti-victory and anti-freedom. A victory for Iraq would mean a victory for America and they can’t afford to be associated with any of that. They snatched defeat away from victory for a people who once lived under the iron fist of an evil totalitarian dictator. The democrats finally succeeded in destroying the one chance the Iraqi people had for freedom and stability. With freedom for the Iraqi people all but lost, Obama and the American left can now spend more of its valuable time here at home destroying our own freedoms and traditions that a majority of Americans have grown to love.