transpareancyI would be crying too if I toiled and spilled my soul for a narcissist, ideologue leader who lost in a devastating and embarrassing election. In fact, I would expect to be fired for my inappropriate high expectations. The reason I would be blubbering away is not because I was getting fired, but because my leftist commie ideology was no longer appreciated by the so-called, “Stupid Americans that don’t know what is good for them.”

Don’t these uneducated rubes in flyover country understand that the leftist, elitist A-holes are forcefully enacting socialism for their own good? Leftists today are successful using lies and deception. Polling has always indicated that most Americans have never wanted the totalitarian shackles of socialized healthcare. Why would an elitist professor and fellow traveller who worked with Obama care what the people of this country thought anyway? That is why leftists practice the art of lying and deceit. Jonathan Gruber, the chief architect of Obamacare admitted publically that in order to sell The bill to the public they needed to all lie about it and that, “A lack of transparency is a huge political advantage.”

Add to the fact that our socialist, biracial, choom gang president received a total butt kicking like no other president in American history. It is understandable why the commie peacock network went apoplectic on election night. They had to sadly admit that Tuesday’s election was a humiliation for their Messiah and a “Wave Election” for the republicans.

What isn’t so hard to understand now is that after six years, you learn Onama’s standard operating procedure is to lie and use deceit in order to hide his Marxist agenda. He does this with the help of his slavish liar czar media. After all, you can be effective with that strategy when you have a compliant media that dutifully hides the truth to the American electorate. That ended on election night. As of last Tuesday, only president Obama and his useful idiots in the media continue to live in a utopian fantasyland that is devoid of all reality. The American people on the other hand have not only rejected their false reality, they have had enough of it.