Clinton News Network?

imageCNN has been on the Clinton bandwagon since 1992. In fact, you may remember the uber-liberal cable network was often referred by its critics as the, “Clinton News Network” for not reporting on the Clinton scandals in the 1990’s. Today, the cable network openly promotes the Clinton’s in every way possible. Whether it is Hillary’s uninspiring presidential campaign, the family’s corrupt foundation or anyone who happens to be associated with the Clintons. Be rest assured that CNN will always treat the Clinton’s like family. You can count on them to be the usual biased cable network we have now come to know. Just ask their adorable morning show couple

Keep in mind when you watch CNN, their parent company donated thousands of dollars to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. Over the years many of their reporters and correspondents have been paid handsomely to attend and emcee Clinton Crime Family Foundation events.

CNN and the Clintons have a long and loving relationship with each other. They share the same un-American values such as open borders, illegal immigration and big-centralized government. Their coverage also reveals their sympathy for Marxist organizations such as Black Lives Matter, New Black Panther Movement and Occupy Wall Street.

For the past 25 years CNN has been nothing more than the unofficial house organ for Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. They have constantly rooted and tooted their cable news horn for them over the past quarter century. You come to realize what CNN really is. It’s isn’t a cable news network anymore. It is now official. CNN stands for the, “Clinton News Network.” That’s leftist anti-American propaganda!

This Unfortunately is CNN


CNN continues to funnel money and attention into the Clinton Family Slush Fund. Their so-called, “foundation” rakes in over $160 million dollars a year and only 10% of that money goes to actual projects that help people. What CNN and the Clinton’s have now become for all to see are partners in promoting the Clinton Family Slush Fund and the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential run. No time since our country’s founding has a media outlet openly spent this amount of time and money supporting and promoting one family’s business and political interests at the same time. In an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper, who himself has partaken in many Clinton Foundation fundraisers, interviewed the former president at the Clinton Global Initiative in front of an adoring audience filled with lame brain socialists. Check out the mocking banter concerning the GOP field between Mr. Tapper and the former impeached president.

It seems that CNN has now become nothing more than a infomercial for an old and tired politician who is selling the same snake oil from years gone past while he sits in front of a foundation logo for the sole purpose of promoting his phony foundation. For CNN to continue to be the official broadcast partner of the Clinton Foundation and continually promote the Clinton’s on a daily basis is scandalous and obscene in itself. Not only does CNN continue to donate to the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund, they and their reporters continue to fundraise, host and attend activities on behalf of the snake oil foundation.

CNN is one of the lowest rated cable news networks in America and it isn’t hard to understand why. CNN has now thrown away any credibility and objectivity it may have once had and become the official broadcast partner that simultaneously promotes and supports the Clinton family political machine and their unethical snake oil foundation. One can only wonder why the people who work at CNN are not ashamed and embarrassed at what they have now become. They are nothing more than a promotional arm for the Clinton family. CNN is shamelessly promoting the Clinton Family Slush Fund and themselves. Welcome to socialist-democrat politics in 2015. This unfortunately is CNN.

Confabulation Of Liars!

What you have is a confabulation of liars. Fake news media outlet and Clinton Foundation donor CNN has hired Obama liar czar idiot James Clapper as its new national security expert. Pretty interesting job when you consider it was James Clapper who was the person who illegally leaked fake information on Donald Trump to CNN during the final days of Barack Hussein Obama’s corrupt administration. CNN and Clapper are just a small part of the confabulation of liars.

This idiot was on with Chris Cuomo yesterday to discuss everything concerning president Trump. Keep in mind CNN is the same organization Clapper illegally leaked the fake info on Trump in the first place. It’s a Clapper/ CNN misinformation clusterfuck.
The whole point of engaging in this on air clusterfuck is to deceive you about what is real and what is not

Here are the two discussing the untruthful fact president Trump cannot ask for the FBI or the DOJ to be investigated. Apparently these dumb ass fools are unaware of the executive branch’s responsibility of checks and balances. These two idiots think the FBI and DOJ are two separate entities which hold no accountability to anyone. It’s only a “disturbing assault” according to James Clapper because it will potentially expose his administration’s lawlessness.



What you have here are two ignoramous fools who are participating in a illegal and treasonous act of leaking and receiving top secret information. These two idiots would have you believe the fake information that started the witch hunt in the first place is still real. How dumb do they believe their viewers are?

The reason for this confabulation of idiots is to conceal the true depths of the Obama administration brazenly illegal act of spying on a political campaign during a presidential election. It just happens to be the same administration James Clapper worked for. His job at CNN is damage control for Barack Obama. When the facts come out in the IG report it won’t be president Trump who will be worried. It will be President Obama, James Clapper, John Brennan, Loretta Lynch and Jimmy Comey. What all these people have in common is they are a confabulation of liars.

Put Them On The Same Ticket?

imageIt’s time to break out the champagne everybody! If you can still afford it.  Two old friends won big last night. They both garnered a majority of votes in six liberal states that happen to be situated in the Northeast Corridor. Although we are often told these two old friends come from two different political ideologies, they both share the same northeast values when it comes to many of the important social issues of our time.

Let’s take a look at a few major issues these two old friends can raise a glass and agree on.

  1. They both agree that a grown man should be legally allowed to use a woman’s public bathroom.
  2. They both agree that American citizens should be mandated by the federal government to buy health insurance.
  3. They both agree that illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in our country as long as they continue to be good citizens.
  4. They both agree Planned Parenthood should stay in business and receive taxpayer money even after it was learned that it had profited from selling body parts of aborted babies.
  5. They both believe that it is normal and appropriate to allow gays to serve in the United States military.

Should these two good friends make it all the way to the general election, one wonders if scheduling any debates would be warranted considering they both share the same northeast/New York values. With this in mind, why go about pretending they are running against each other. Instead of doing this political fan dance why not just put these two good friends on the same ticket?

Fading into Oblivion?

imageDonald Trump’s presidential poll numbers continue to skyrocket while Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are suddenly plummeting. Donald Trump speaks to stadiums with enthusiastic crowds of well over 30,000 people while Hillary speaks to a gathering of less than a few hundred. Hillary Clinton was billed by many in the Liar Czar Media as the smartest woman on the planet. We the people were constantly told by her media surrogates that as a presidential candidate she was unbeatable. Just a few short months after her official announcement that meme has all but vanished with new polls suggesting that Hillary is not only beatable, she is already toast. What does a wounded and weak political candidate do to try to stay in the game? You use the methodology of Marxist Saul Alinsky. You pick the target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Then polarize it using your free Liar Czar Media hacks. This exact strategy is being implemented by NBC Universal’s late night court jester Seth Meyers. Below, Mr. Meyers personally ridicules and mocks Donald Trump by comparing him to Jared Fogler. Mr. Fogle just so happens to be the Subway sandwich pitchman who faces a long prison term for buying sex from underage children.

Keep in mind that Seth Meyers is a close and personal friend of the Clinton’s. He has hosted four Clinton Global Citizens awards banquets for the Clinton Foundation slush fund. He has reportedly been paid up to $25,000 for each appearance. Mr. Meyers also works for a media conglomerate that is pro-Clinton. NBC Universal has donated thousands of dollars and free air time to prop up and promote Mrs. Clinton’s foundation using NBC’s on-air-talent.

When the book, “Clinton Cash” came out detailing the unethical and illegal practice of influence peddling between the Clinton’s and foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State, Seth Meyers vehemently denied any wrong doing and bashed the book’s author as a typical right-winger and proclaimed, “that republicans would treat the book as if summer is coming!”

In the paranoid world of Seth Meyers and NBC Universal, anyone who dares to expose the criminal and unethical activities of a the Clinton’s, that someone must be mocked and vilified in order to protect their political investment. It isn’t the republicans or Donald Trump who are destroying the political career of Hillary Clinton, it is Hillary Clinton and the Liar Czar Media who have downplayed and suppressed the truth. If it weren’t for the acknowledgment by the FBI, CIA and a few inspector’s generals the public would have never known about Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server that contained classified and top secret information. Someone needs to remind Hillary Clinton and NBC that summer is upon us and they can smear and laugh all they want at any republican presidential opponent. In the end, all that smearing and laughing may not be at the expense of a republican candidate, but at the expense of a democrat candidate whose presidential aspirations are quickly fading into oblivion long before the summer of 2015 concludes.