Where Was Obama Today?

imageWhere was president Obama today? Has he been seen in public? Maybe he is to busy making unlawful transgender decrees that empowers mentally ill people to crap in any bathroom they choose? Whether it’s guys or gals. Maybe he his to busy apologizing to other countries for America to understand that his own country was a liberator in 1944. He could have lost track of the importance of this day while releasing dangerous Islamic terrorists out of Gitmo. Other things must have held higher importance to him such as hosting  terrorist organizations like The Muslim Brotherhood at the White House. Maybe he is to busy releasing more illegal alien felons from American prisons? Whatever this socialist fool is doing today, someone needs to remind him that today marks the the most successful military invasions in American history.

It was the largest allied seaborne invasion in history. Code named Operation Overlord, the purpose of the invasion was to liberate northwestern Europe from the control of Nazi Germany. 160,000 Allied forces fought during this invasion. 29,000 brave American souls died in the successful conquest. It’s a somber day in which the current president of the United States doesn’t seem to give a damn about. Before we had the this disgraceful occupant in the White House, we had a “real” president who loved America and understood the great importance of this day. He was Ronald Reagan. Thirty two years ago he proudly commemorated the unbelievable feat those WW II veterans accomplished in a stirring tribute on the beaches of Normandy.

Obama didn’t even bother to mention D-Day today. There were no solemn remembrance at the people’s house to mark this historic day in American history. Perhaps there were not enough Muslims that fought in that epic battle for Obama to take notice? Or perhaps there were not enough homosexuals or transgendered soldiers in that fight to gain Obama’s attention? Maybe he didn’t care because there wasn’t a majority of African Americans, illegal aliens or feminized militant women in the battle? Perhaps there were not enough disgruntled anti-war protesters at the time for him to deliver a scathing speech to denounce our nation on this day in American history?

Where was Obama today? On June 6 of every year is a day to commemorate D-Day. It’s a day to celebrate and honor those who fought and died to save the world from the growing  tyranny of Nazi Germany. For Obama, American military victories against tyrannical  enemies isn’t something to remember or commemorate. In fact, tyranny isn’t something he wants to defeat or stop. Tyranny is an idea he hopes to help facilitate and foster not only here at home, but to the rest of the world.

Dividing The Country For Political Gain

imageBeing the First Lady of the United States was once a respected and noble position. With so much respect and notoriety that comes with the job one assumes that any woman lucky enough to attain that respect and adulation would be walking on cloud nine each and everyday. Not the current First Lady. This lady, like her husband wake up every single day transfixed on believing white racists are stopping them and everyone else of color from achieving their ultimate goals and desires. Speaking to a graduating class on Friday in New York City, our First Lady had these celebratory and uplifting words for the happy graduates.


When your married to a liberal, community organizing race hustler, your job is to continue agitating and preaching racism and the conventional wisdom of Critical Race Theory. A bogus theory that believes,”white supremacy and racial power are maintained over time with the help of law enforcement.” It also professes that racism is “engrained in the fabric and system of the American society.” This leftist curriculum was popularized in the 1960’s and it is still taught today in many universities across the country. With Critical Race Theory, racism is always alive and well. Even when you have a biracial president and an African American First Lady.

For a First Lady who has achieved this noble position, you would think that after eight years of living the high life representing the country, a little bit of appreciation and gratitude would be more appropriate when delivering a commencement address for a college graduation class. You don’t get any of that from far-left fanatics. All you get is hate and bitterness caused by perceived transgressions that have faded into the dust bin of history. The only reason these old transgressions are brought up time and time again is because of Critical Race Theory. It is a theory that teaches and promotes racism with the intention of dividing the country for political gain.

Ironically, it was only eight years ago this same woman said, “for the first time in her adult life she was finally proud of her country.” For Mrs. Obama, that statement doesn’t seem so sincere anymore. To a radical liberal who believes in Critical Race Theory, racism and bitterness must always transcend everything even when your living in the elegant trappings at the White House. Eight years after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, the people who voted for him are more angrier and dissatisfied than ever. After eight years, that includes his own wife.

Super Pacs Are A Disaster?

imageWho was that new, renegade, “Washington D.C. Outsider” candidate who we saw publicly denounced political Super Pacs eight months ago? This political newbie warned us about the danger of Super PACS and said they were “the biggest disaster” in American politics today? It was Donald J.Trump who boldly declared all this at a CNBC Republican Presidential debate way back in October 2015 in Boulder, Colorado.

Nothing is more annoying than watching a billionaire political hack pretending to be taking the high road on any given issue just to be different from all the other candidates. When in reality, what he is doing is the very same thing he is railing against. Take for example the Trump hypocrisy on political Super PACS.

Turns out Donald Trump does have an evil Super Pac. It is run by a Trump friend named Tom Barrack who gathered over 32 million dollars as of today. Thus proving Donald Trump’s denounciation against Super PACS from last October happens to be another major policy flip-flop on his part. It makes you wonder if  Donald Trump will keep any of his previous campaign promises by the time the Republican Convention rolls around? Will his followers ever take notice or even care?

Promising One Thing While Doing Another?

imageRemember this guy? He came out of the gate running as an anti-establishment political outsider. He promised to use his own money to fund his own presidential campaign. It was a brilliant strategy never used before in history of the United States of America. He wasn’t going to be beholden to the Washington D.C. establishment. He promised not to be a typical politician who said one thing while doing another. He wasn’t going to hire establishment Washington D.C. lobbyists to assist him in winning the White House. He promised he was going to have a new, young and innovative campaign staff that will unabashedly, “Make America Great Again!”

Turns out everything this guy said in the beginning isn’t true. After winning the republican nomination everything this guy promised suddenly were all just “suggestions.” Since announcing his run for the presidency back in June 2015, this supposed anti-establishment candidate was the only republican running to have weekly meetings in Washington D.C. with republican insiders. He hired D.C. lobbyists to help run his political campaign. Instead of funding his own campaign with his own money, he hired party insiders to help him raise millions from all the big Wall Street banks and Hollywood. His billionaire friend, Sheldon Adelson promised to donate $100 million dollars to aid his general election campaign.

We now know everything this guy promised such as; funding his own campaign, temporarily halting Muslim migration, deporting 11 million illegal aliens, defunding Planned Parenthood, abolishing Obamacare, building a wall on the southern border (making Mexico pay for it), getting rid of Common Core, abolishing the EPA, kicking out Syrian refugees, persecute Hillary Clinton, bringing back jobs from China and Mexico, forcing American industries to come back to the United States and getting rid of sanctuary cities were all just buzzwords and suggestions to fool people into voting for him. A majority of republican voters saw through this huckster and declined to vote for him.

This is why this man is the only republican nominee in the history of our country to not attain a majority of the republican vote. Ironically, it turns out this guy isn’t the political outsider he claims to be. Who is this man? Why it is Donald Trump. He is actually a typical inside the beltway politician. How can you tell? He promises one thing while doing another.