Death From The Sky?

imageIt’s Memorial Day weekend here in America. It’s a holiday in which we give great thanks and gratitude to those who served and took the ultimate sacrifice in defending our great country.  On the eve of this solemn holiday what would our president be doing? Our naive president traveled to Japan and spoke at a ceremony marking the 71 year anniversary of the explosion of the first atomic bomb that killed over 100,000.  Obama would say, “Hiroshima started a moral awakening.” Really?

Obama apparently doesn’t understand that it was in fact the Japanese who started the “death from the sky” campaign when it attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 on a seemingly beautiful Sunday morning. They murdered close to 2,500 servicemen on that fateful day that lives in infamy. Many of those were murdered as they slept peacefully on ships that eventually became their underwater tombs. The sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by imperial Japan unwillingly pulled America into World War II. Well over 400,000 servicemen and women were killed in action during the war.

The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki shocked the Japanese military into unconditionally surrendering to the United States. The military action no doubt saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of American soldiers from a ruthless Japanese government that was hellbent on excellerating  the war at any cost.

It is a slap in the face to every proud American to learn on the eve of Memorial Day weekend our president would willingly travel to a once dangerous enemy to commemorate, eulogize those that died in that country during World War II. Instead, would it not be more appropriate on this holiday weekend to have the president of the United States to do that here at home for those who were butchered by that country’s own, “death from the sky?”

Nothing Is Real Anymore?

imageAccording to close advisers to the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, the recipe for winning the White House is all about keeping it simple. Their strategy is essentially working. All Trump is simply doing is speaking at a fourth  grade level to his loyal supporters so that they can understand him. Who knew that running for president would be so easy?

It is also fundamental to understand that the 2016 Trump campaign isn’t about debating serious issues pertaining to the constitution, personal freedom or the pursuit of happiness. It’s nothing more than a phoney television reality show.

A presidential candidate who seems to care more about tweeting 24 hours a day rather than speaking about the important issues that threaten our constitutional republic is someone who needs to stay in the world of reality television and out of the real world of presidential politics.

When a presidential campaign becomes a reality show, then that presidential candidate is devoid of any reality. Donald Trump has proven that running for president in 2016 isn’t about reality in any way. It’s far from it. This proves that in the world of presidential politics in 2016, nothing is real anymore.


That’s Nothing To Laugh At!

imageOne of the many lies Americans were told by president Obama during his failed presidency was, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” That orchestrated lie was knowingly placed into his sales pitch by the president’s speech writers again and again to prop up an ill advised healthcare bill they all knew was a fabricated lie.

Last night on The Charlie Rose show, Charlie’s guests were Jon Lovett and Jon Favreau. They were the speech writers who were responsible for concocting the infamous lie. When the subject about Obamacare came up the two men laughed about the lie and confirmed what we all knew back in 2009. People were not going to keep their doctor after all. Even Charlie couldn’t help but laugh.

This confirms what we have known since 2009. The Obama administration and the Liar Czar Media sold the American people the big lie called Obamacare. That was 2009. Today, we are witnessing the collapse of this utopian monstrosity before our very eyes. As more and more government healthcare exchanges go belly up unable to sustain the heavy costs more and more Americans will no doubt lose their doctor. It’s a shame that instead of dealing with the economy in his first term, the Obama administration waisted it and over two trillion dollars on a doomed healthcare plan that was nothing but a lie. That’s nothing to laugh at!

Changing His Tune On Uniting The Party?

imageIn an interview with George Stephanopoulos today, Donald Trump bizarrely revealed that he thought the Republican Party didn’t need to be unified for him to win the 2016 presidential election. It is Trump’s naive and foolish belief that all he needs to do is use his cult of personality to simply persuade huge swaths of socialist democrat voters from the Clinton and Sanders campaigns to come over and vote for him. Earth to Don? Are you for real?

That’s interesting because only two short months ago after his big Super Tuesday win he said something quite the opposite when he proudly proclaimed he was going to, “unite the Republican Party” and when we do, “We will be unstoppable!”

Maybe Trump is beginning to realize he will never unite the Republican Party. He can’t possibly do so now because he is the person who has been for months blowing it up using half truths, smears and bald face lies to mock the integrity of his fellow republican competitors. Why would anyone who supported anyone other than Trump want to jump on board his scorched earth campaign after what this bombastic bomb thrower did to their own candidate?

As of today, 58 percent of republican voters didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Only 42 percent have. At this time in 2012, Mitt Romney was receiving 52 percent of the vote. That’s ten points higher than what Trump is getting today. I don’t recall hearing anyone from the media mentioning anything about the big, “Romney movement” back in 2012? That’s because they were terrified of Romney. The polls back then had Romney up by 3 to 6 points over Obama. This year, Trump is losing to Hillary by thirteen in the latest CNN poll. No wonder Donald Trump is changing his tune about uniting the Republican Party. He knows he can’t possibly do that now because he is the person who has essentially been destroying it for the last five months.

A Total Fraud And The Biggest Liar?

imageRemember this blast from the past? “I know the guys at Goldman Sachs. They have total, total control over him. Just like they have total control over Hillary Clinton,” Trump said of Cruz, whom the real estate mogul also called a “total fraud” and “the biggest liar I’ve ever seen.”

It turns out the only candidate that Goldman Sachs is controlling is Donald Trump. Today he picked Steven Mnuchin to be his campaign’s finance chairman. Mnuchin is the chairman and CEO of the private investment firm Dune Capital. He worked for Goldman Sachs for seventeen years and for the ultra-liberal, mega donor George Soros’s OneWest Bank in California. Like his new boss, Mnuchin has donated heavily to Hillary Clinton. Over two decades Mnuchin has donated over $120,000 to political candidates. $64,000 to democrats and $44,000 to republicans.

Steven Mnuchin and Donald Trump have other things in common besides having New York values and friends in the democrat party. They both know a lot about bankruptcies. Mr. Mnuchin was one of the founders of a big Hollywood movie studio called Relativity Media. It filed for bankruptcy in 2015 because it failed to pay off $320 million in loans. OneWest Bank and Dune Capitol were investors in Mnuchin’s new company. Dune Capital lost as much as $80 million in the doomed studio project. There were other investors in the studio who lost millions. They were particularly disturbed to learn that one investor recouped some money. It was OneWest Bank. It was silently funneled $50 million from the studio just one month prior to the bankruptcy filing in July 2015.

The political candidate that is being controlled by Goldman Sachs was never Ted Cruz. It is billionaire Donald Trump.  He has broken one of his biggest campaign promises. That was to fund his own campaign. Instead of doing that he has hired an old Goldman Sachs bagman. It turns out that the person who is the biggest liar and total fraud is Donald Trump. He proves this to us each and everyday.