Praising The Sanctuary City Mayor Of NYC

imageWhy would a populist presidential candidate who is running on a platform that promises to abolish sanctuary cities publicly praise a socialist mayor who vows to keep his open? That’s exactly what Donald Trump did when he was asked about his opinion on New York City mayor Bill de Blasio.

Why would Donald Trump say such wonderful things about a guy that wants to protect the dangerous policy of keeping sanctuary cities open?  de Blasio also abolished a successful “stop and frisk” police program that kept New York City neighborhoods safe from violent crime. de Blasio, along with his race hustling buddy Al Sharpton sided with the anti-cop, racist agenda of “Black Lives Matter.” The organization has promoted violent protests that have targeted police departments not only in New York City, but across the entire country.

If Donald Trump wants to say nice things about the socialist mayor of New York City, he might as well vote for Bernie Sanders for president. They share the same failed socialist ideology. It makes you question whether Donald Trump has the proper judgement when dealing with his political adversaries. This is very troubling because it proves he will cozy up to anyone who says nice things about him despite their dangerous political ideology. If Mr. Trump was serious about running for president as a republican, how come he isn’t registered as one?

How Is Joe Paterno?

In a bizarre reference yesterday at a rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Donald Trump asked the crowd, “How is Joe Paterno?”

Earth to Donald? Joe Paterno has been dead for four years. What is so baffling to understand is why would a current presidential candidate even ask about the well being of a disgraced and deceased college football coach that has been dead for four years?

One can only surmise that Donald Trump is way out of his league. If a presidential candidate can’t figure out who is alive or dead, then that presidential candidate obviously isn’t fit to be president of the United States.

Donald Trump And His New York Values

imageIn light of the fake controversy involving Ted Cruz’s comments suggesting Donald Trump’s “New York Values” are different than places like Iowa, certain news outlets such as MSNBC, Fox News and CNN should do a little reporting on this particular subject. It just so happens Ted Cruz was correct in his initial analysis on, “The Donald.” Want proof?

The proof is found in an interview “The Donald” did in 1999 on “Meet The Press.” On the show, Trump admits twice that being born and raised in New York City has given him, “a little bit different viewpoint than someone who lived in Iowa his whole life.” Trump admits to believing  many anti-conservative ideas such as abortion, partial birth abortion and gays serving in the military.

It’s disturbing to learn that when Trump is caught flip-flopping on any given issue and is correctly called out on it by anyone, that person suddenly is called a liar and is then attacked, maligned and denigrated by Trump and his supporters.

That’s what a phony politician does. When they get caught telling a lie, they attack the person who recognizes and exposes the lie. Ted Cruz isn’t the liar that Trump and his supporters have claimed. Ted Cruz has exposed the truth about Donald Trump. He is a typical liberal progressive with New York values who will flip-flop on any given issue at the spur of the moment. It only proves that Trump doesn’t have a moral belief system to stand on. So stop blaming Ted Cruz for simply pointing out what Donald Trump believed in 17 years ago. If you need someone to blame for Donald Trump’s New York values. Blame Donald Trump!

A Real Everyday New Yorker?

imageDesperation has finally settled inside the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign. They can now see that Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary Clinton big time in the latest polling. How does a struggling candidate who was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago pretend to be a real everyday New Yorker? You stage a subway ride performance with your helpful friends in the Liar Czar Media. Unbeknownst to Ms. Clinton, setting up the script is the easy part. However, acting it out is something altogether quite different.

It really is sad to see that her staged photo op with her media buddies failed miserably as it took her five tries to successfully swipe her MetroCard. All she proved was that she never rides the subway. What proved that this was a staged event is that the Bronx subway that Hillary Clinton entered was visibly empty except for one or two people. This is very strange occurrence considering that the normal morning subway commute in New York City is packed with thousands of straphangers hustling to get to work each and every weekday morning.

One prop was famously missing in her staged performance this morning. It was the Yankee hat she wore back in 2000 when she was running for a senate iseat n New York . That’s when it became politically fashionable to forgo her Chicago Cubs hat and replace it with a New York Yankee one.