$75 Bucks For A BLT And Fries?

imageA friend of mine recently recalled the last time he visited New York City during the early nineties. He was staying at the most expensive hotel in the city. It was said that this hotel was home to Hollywood movie stars and the rich and famous. It was billed as the most famous and elegant hotel in Gotham. My friend was telling me his room was located on the third floor and looked out over an alley way. When I asked him about what he remembers most about his stay at this famous hotel he laughs and says that he ordered a BLT with fries and the bill came to a whopping $75.00. Where did my friend have this particular bad experience? The Plaza Hotel.

The Plaza Hotel has been sitting at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Central Park in New York City since 1907. It was the crown jewel of the New York real estate market for many years. Today, it was learned that the current owner of the hotel will be putting it up on the auction block on April 26th. What was once a grand and elegant hotel has now become a financial liability.

The man who owned the Plaza Hotel at the time when my friend was staying there was the same man who is currently running for president on the republican-populist ticket with the theme, “Make America Great Again!” Donald Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988 for $407.5 million. At the time of the sale Mr. Trump bragged, “that he hadn’t purchased a building, I have purchased a masterpiece, the Mona Lisa” he would further say, “I can never justify the price I paid, no matter how successful the Plaza becomes.” Ironically, in seven short years this so-called deal maker who wrote, “The Art of the Deal” lost $82 million when he sold The Plaza for $325 million in 1995.

The man who plans to, “Make America Great Again” couldn’t even make The Plaza Hotel great. In fact, The Plaza never became successful or profitable under his stewardship. If this is any indication of how Donald Trump plans on running the country, we will not only see the continuing decline of America, we can all look forward to going out to our favorite eating establishment and shelling out $75 bucks for a BLT and fries.

Replacing One Narcissistic Personality Disorder For Another?

imageFresh off his primary victories last night on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump appeared before the hosts on MSNBC this morning to talk about his favorite subject. Which is himself. When asked about where he gets his foreign policy advice from the Donald quite arrogantly said, “myself, I have a very good brain!”

No ego there right? Sounds just like Obama. They both believe everything they touch magically turns into gold. If you don’t believe it just ask them or their fanatical worshippers who would anoint them King if they could.

Apparently, all that needs to be done prior to the 2017 inauguration is replacing the current Obama shrine in the White House to one for Donald Trump. When is America going to wake up to the fact that what they are essentially doing is replacing one narcissistic personality disorder for another?

A Unifier Or A Community Organizer?

When Donald Trump gleefully mocks and ridicules protesters who attend his rally’s, what does he do for an encore? He throws them out and promises to do it again. He recently did that to a Black Lives Matter protester in Alabama. When you encourage bad behavior, you get more of it.

That’s exactly what happened at a Trump rally in Chicago tonight. A gigantic anti-Trump, rent-a-mob protested outside. They infiltrated the event inside the building leaving Trump worshippers in a dangerous and perilous predicament.

When you have a brash and boisterous presidential candidate brag about physically throwing people around at an event you sponsor,  you will eventually get some push back. That’s what happened tonight in Chicago. When you want to be president of the United States, you need to be a unifier instead of a community organizer. Unfortunately, we have seen this type of bad behavior over the last eight years under the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

Prosecuting Climate Change Deniers?

Basic CMYKFreedom in America continues to be under direct assault by the far-left zealots in the Obama regime and their socialist friends on Capital Hill.

During a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on climate change, Attorney General Loretta Lynch was asked by freedom hating, nut job senator Sheldon Whitehouse, “are there other circumstances in which a civil matter under the authority of the justice Department has been referred to the FBI?” In other words, are you pursuing civil action against anyone who happens to be climate change deniers?


Notice in her response she thanks Sheldon “chief honcho” Whitehouse for his work on this green energy movement scam.. It proves how genuinely insane and dangerous these people really are in that they would even take into consideration the prosecution of anyone who disagrees with their totalitarian way of life.

Pretty damn scary! That’s what happens when you blend career bureaucratic socialists with brain dead Obama administration wing-nuts! This totalitarianism is exactly what democrats voted for in Michigan on Tuesday.

Emotional Attachment Trumps Reality


I have this friend named Bob who really loves Donald Trump. This cat really is emotionally attached to him. It reminds of the same people who voted for and then cried when their messiah Barack Hussein Obama was elected. Now, eight years later another part of the American electorate is acting in the same brainless manner. Emotional attachment trumps reality.

Let’s take a look at what Donald Trump has done. First of all he inherited $100 million dollars from his daddy. Wow! Let’s anoint him King of America for having a silver spoon in his mouth. Come on Bob! Give me a brake!

We are constantly being told by everyone what a great businessman this guy is. Yea right. In the late eighties Trump used money from 22 banks to acquire a defunct Eastern Airlines so as to start the Trump Shuttle. Trump Shuttle lasted just three short years before going bankrupt. Trump understands bankruptcies because he’s been through four himself. He left the 22 banks to handle the paperwork amongst themselves. One of the reasons for Trump Shuttle imploding was that Donald could not negotiate a deal with the unions. The guy who wrote, “The Art of the Deal” couldn’t make a credible deal to save his shuttle. So much for working for the little people!

My friend Bob always likes to tell me that Mr. Trump is a great spokesperson for the little people of America. He says Trump will make great deals that are best for our country. Really? How about the deals he makes concerning his clothing line? His clothes were made in China and Mexico. The two countries he constantly unloads on in speech after speech. What a freaking hypocrite! Look at his hiring practices at his luxurious hotel in Miami called the Mar-a-Lago. Out of 300 people he hired, only 17 were Americans. How does any of that help Americans Bob?

Trump University is another example of the incredible ego this man has. He takes money from desperate people to line his own pockets and all one gets is a sheet of paper and opportunity to take a picture of yourself with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump. He is currently counter suing students who are suing him for malfeasance claiming they were lied to an ripped off by Mr. Trump’s University.

It goes on and on to the point this guy will use his name to sell just about anything for a buck whether it’s vitamins, condominiums, steaks, golf courses, clothes, ties, hats, mortgage companies, universities, sports leagues or airlines companies. It’s amazing to see the sheer lunacy coming from my friend Bob and a large segment of the population for a shyster that has used his name to only benefit himself. Trump’s history shows us that he is only in it for himself. That’s it. When you make deals with Donald Trump. Trump wins and you lose. That’s what the, “Art of the Deal” is all about. He makes promises to get a deal done. Then he ignores the promises. That’s how he wins and you lose! Come on Bob! Quit smoking the catnip and wake up!