Does This Sound Like Real Change?

imageLast month the popular Attorney General of Florida publicly endorsed Donald Trump for president. Her endorsement was a big one in the eyes of many Florida republican voters. The state’s republican presidential primary was just days away. Did the voters of Florida understand that when Pam Bondi was running for reelection in 2013, her buddy Donald Trump gave her political committee $25,000?

Looks like a pay to play scheme if there ever was one. Here is why. A lawsuit was filed against Donald Trump in the state of Florida in 2013 that alleged that Trump University had “scammed” more than 5,000 people out of more than $40 million by falsely promising to teach them the tools to Trump’s real estate success. Shortly thereafter, a payment by Trump in the amount of $25,000 was made to a political committee controlled by Pam Bondi.

After the payment was made Pam Bondi’s office never investigated the fraud complaints filed against Trump University. When Pam Bondi endorsed Donald Trump for president she said, “I felt Florida needed to be changed,” “Now, our country and our world needs someone who is going to protect our security like never before, and that’s why I support Donald.”

We now know why Donald Trump got involved in a little known Attorney General election in Florida in 2013. A lawsuit against him needed to be dismissed. In the end, Donald Trump not only won the state’s primary, he received a 2 for 1 for his timely contribution to Ms. Bondi. A dismissal and an endorsement. Does that sound like real change to you?

Trump Has A Big Problem With Women?

imageDonald Trump and his campaign went over the line when they attacked Ted Cruz’s wife in a tweet that showed Heidi Cruz in a negative light. It’s seems Donald, his campaign and friends in the media don’t understand the rules that are on the books regarding campaign super PACS . They fail to realize that it is illegal for any political candidate to “organize,” “consult” or “coordinate” with any super PACS. Ted Cruz or any other candidate for that matter has no control over what someone else’s super PAC creates. Donald Trump on the other hand does control what he does and Ted Cruz has had enough of it!

What apparently upset the Donald was a super PAC ad that showed his wife posing semi-nude as a professional model some years ago. The super PAC named, “Make America Awesome” produced the ad. It is an anti-Trump group run by Liz Mair. Ms. Mair is a GOP establishment adviser and is reportedly paid $15,000 a month by Ilham Aliyev, the dictator of Azerbaijan.

It’s amazing that we have the front runner of the republican presidential race attacking another candidate’s wife. It is embarrassing that Donald Trump can’t stop himself from constantly tweeting 24-7. He tweets at a rate higher than a 10 year old child.  It’s almost appears as if he has serious psychological issues with women who are beyond his control. The bigger problem facing Donald Trump isn’t other candidate’s wives. It’s women voters. New polling suggests seventy percent of women will not be voting for him next November. With these numbers, he can’t possibly win.

Americans Killed By Released Gitmo Detainees

A bombshell report was exposed on capital hill today. It was learned that Barack Obama’s fanatical insistence on closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay may lead to the unnecessary murders of American citizens in numbers so horrible, an Obama administration official asked that a closed meeting be held in secret in order to keep the truth from the American public.

Before The House Foreign Affairs Committee, the man handpicked by president Barack Obama to close the detention center testified before an open committee hearing and painfully admitted that Americans  have died as a result of the release of Gitmo detainees. Paul Lewis chose not to reveal the exact number of Americans that have been killed, but did say he would provide the details in a closed committee hearing.

Barack Obama’s job is to protect the safety of every American. When it is discovered that we have unknowingly set free dangerous Muslim terrorist detainees who we now know have killed American soldiers, it’s time to immediately stop this ridiculous process of releasing them and keep the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center open for good.

Defending The Real Cuba?

imageObama was given the propagandized, red carpet treatment yesterday by Cuban officials as he visited the country that is located just 90 miles off the Florida coast. In and odd and revealing press conference Obama said, “he wouldn’t disagree” with the communist dictator’s desire for cradle to grave socialism for everyone. Thats precisely what Obama and his socialist party wants for America.  As far as Obama is concerned, Cuba has a better human rights record than the United State. Excuse me!

When was the last time a current American president agreed with a communist dictator’s criticism of the United States? The answer is never. We have never had a sitting president visit the communist country of Cuba and defend their horrific system of government. Obama bizarrely praised their disastrous healthcare and educational systems.

It’s a shame that instead of shedding the light of day on the atrocities that occur on the island of Cuba, our extreme leftist president agreed with and defended the communist dictator’s agenda that keeps all Cubans enslaved against their will. Obama is defending a communist regime that has its own citizens fleeing at a rate of 46,000 per year since 2012. What he is actually doing is helping to prop up a repressive communist state that is dying from within because of its own failed political ideology. Obama needs to stop defending the communist dictatorship of Cuba and visit the real Cuba.

Trademarking Reagan?

imageThree months before Donald Trump decided to parachute into the world of American politics, conservative Ted Cruz was already campaigning across America for president of the United States of America. In doing so he began running on the same successful ideas of the 1980 Ronald Reagan conservative campaign theme, “Make America Great Again!”

Ronald Reagan, Ted Cruz or any other person running for president would never consider trademarking the popular phrase because it was a universal theme that all proud Americans shared and believed in. If you did, you would have been called a sell out and loser.  It is safe to  imply that anyone who wanted to trademark a phrase that was successfully used  by Ronald Reagan’s campaign back in 1980 was only in it for the money. That’s why you trademark anything in the first place.

Donald Trump trademarked the phrase back in 2012 before he had any thoughts of running for president. One can assume he did it to cash in on Reagan’s legacy, image and popularity.  That’s why Donald Trump does anything and everything. For money. I wonder if the first words spoken by Neil Armstrong as he stepped on the moon are trademarked? If not, look for someone from Donald Trump’s camp to find out. Maybe someday we will see those words on a red baseball cap on sale in the gift shop at Trump Tower?