The Flip-Flopping Donald

imageAt the republican presidential debate in Houston last night Donald Trump ridiculed the United States military for intervening in Libya. He said the military action created chaos in the region and caused the rise of ISIS. Many Americans at the time agreed and were strongly against the illegal intervention initiated by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. While the Donald was against the war in Libya last night, in 2011 he pleaded his case for military action in Libya saying it was necessary to save lives. What gives?

It’s another example of the flip-flopping Donald who seems to think he is the smartest person in the room on any given day. The only thing he seems to be smart at is changing his political positions on a daily basis to suit his ever changing positions. One day he is for something and the next day he isn’t. Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have any chore beliefs on anything. When he is caught flip-flopping all he does is make ad hominem attacks on the person who dares to bring it up. This schizophrenic behavior from a presidential candidate is fun to watch during a political debate, but in the real world it is disingenuous as well as dangerous.

Exposing The Truth About Trump

Two weeks ago in Iowa during an interview with the editorial director of Field and Stream magazine Donald Trump said he was against giving federal lands back to the states because he didn’t think the states would procure the lands as well as the federal government can.

Today in Nevada, The Donald went absolutely apoplectic at Ted Cruz and called him “a liar’ for producing a truthful ad that verified Trump’s stance on the issue.

This just shows you that Donald Trump can’t remember what he stands for week to week on any given issue. When he gets called out on it by his political opponents he has a Trumper Tantrum. When you change your positions as Mr. Donald Trump does it’s must be difficult for him to understand what he really stands for. If Mr. Trump is going to have a temper tantrum after somebody tells the truth about what he actually said, then he may not have the temperament  to be the next president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton and Her Mind-Numb Robots

Yesterday, the State Department released 1,731 new emails from Hillary Clinton that contained classified information. If you remember way back in August of last year we were promised by Hillary that she never sent or received any classified information through her illegal, private email server.

Earlier this week she was asked in a television interview, “If she always told the truth?” She responded, “Well, I try too!”

It is mind boggling to see that despite the mountain of evidence that is put forward that proves Hillary Clinton is a congenital liar, she is still somehow leading in the socialist-democrat presidential primary. It indicates just how out of touch and ignorant her brain dead supporters are. I guess to these mind-numb robots Hillary’s lying is somehow George W. Bush’s fault. When you have a sitting president that never has to be accountable for anything, why would the presumed presidential nominee of the party ever have to be?

“You Lie!”

imageRemember at the 2009 State of the Union speech when representative Joe Wilson yelled, “you lie” at president Obama when the president defiantly declared that illegal aliens would not be provided free Obamacare benefits?  It created a media firestorm and Mr. Wilson would later be formally rebuked by the socialist-democrats in the house chamber for even suggesting that the president was lying.

It turns out that Joe Wilson was correct. The president was indeed lying to the chamber and to the American people when he made his deceitful statement. Six years later the truth has finally emerged detailing that up to 500,000 illegal immigrants have been given Obamacare subsidies since 2009 at whopping cost of $750,000,000.00.

Furthermore, we were told by the Liar Czar Media that Obamacare was president Obama’s number one signature achievement. When the bill was signed into law it was broadcast on every single cable channel imaginable. Even the Weather Channel aired what was heralded at the time as an historic and momentous event.

Obamacare is nothing more than an ill-conceived socialist, utopian flop that was never read by the politicians that voted for it. It was hastily passed without any republican input. If it was such a great deal how come only 11,000,000 people have it? It was supposed to insure 30 million people who didn’t have healthcare insurance. Fast forward to 2016 and what you have is a total disaster. The eleven million people who have essentially signed up for Obamacare have actually enrolled themselves into Medicaid Expansion. The reason for the low number of signups is that the president illegally rewrote the legislation to remove the employer mandate. Removing the employer mandate meant that millions of people who received their healthcare from their employer will be exempt from the president’s healthcare plan. The only people who actually love Obamacare are the people who receive it for free. And contrary to what the president promised back in 2009, that happens to include 500,000 illegal immigrants.