Hiding The Truth Instead Of Exposing It


Donald Trump has been getting hammered by the Liar Czar Media for supposedly making outlandish comments about seeing Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after the Islamic terrorist attacks on the a World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. They were quick in defending the Muslims in New Jersey and demanded those celebrations never took place. On the other hand, they depicted Mr.Trump as someone who was a bombastic, Islamophobic fool that liked to make things up.

It turns out that Donald Trump was indeed correct after all and the pathetic Liar Czar Media was wrong all along. WCBS-TV New York aired this report shortly after the attacks that killed nearly 3.000 innocent people in New York City.

The Liar Czar Media has relentlessly spent hours of television programming and reams of newspaper articles in trying to debunk and ridicule Donald Trump’s claim. They failed miserably. Trump is doing what every American should be doing. That is throwing political correctness out the window and speaking the truth about what is really going on in this country. Political correctness is nothing but a leftist agitprop tool used to paralyze the free speech rights of every American in order to hide the truth.

The Liar Czar Media and their far-left political friends in the democrat party can mock and ridicule anyone like Donald Trump who simply tries to expose the truth. These truth bigots need to understand the truth will eventually see the light of day for everyone to see. You can’t count on the journalism community, or the media as a whole to tell the truth anymore. They are a political arm of the democrat party. This is why they knowingly hide the truth instead of exposing it.

Mass Shootings Don’t Happen In Other Countries?


Just two weeks removed from Paris, France’s horrific Islamic terrorist attack that butchered 130 people, our president stood up at a podium in Paris and stunningly declared that “mass shootings don’t happen in other countries.” It was an ironic display of ignorance for the president who was answering a question in reference to the shooting deaths of three Americans at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado that took place on Sunday.

Listening to Obama you would think that the United States is the number one mass shooting capital of the world. Unfortunately for him, the statistics don’t back up his asinine rhetoric. When you compare the annual death rate of mass public shootings among the United States to European countries, Norway is the number one country in mass shootings. Macedonia is second followed by Serbia, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. The United States is ranked eight, Switzerland ninth and Austria tenth.

The president’s  rhetoric doesn’t even jive with reality when you compare the data between European countries to the United States in the frequency of mass public shootings. Macedonia takes the top spot there followed by Serbia, Switzerland, Norway, Slovakia, Finland, Belgium and the Czech Republic. The United States ranks ninth, Netherlands tenth and France eleventh.

Obama’s rhetoric doesn’t even hold up when you consider the latest data available of homicide rates among developed countries. In the data you will find that the number one country with the highest homicide rate is Brazil. With a rate of 25.5, Brazil’s rate is 6 times the average. Mexico follows Brazil with a homicide rate of 23.4 followed by Russia at 12.8. The United States is tied with Chili at the fourth spot with 5.2.

It is sophomoric for the president to continue to say that,”mass shootings don’t happen in other countries.” When in reality they do. He can’t use the facts that pertain to mass shootings because it doesn’t fit his false narrative. It’s disingenuous and wrong for a president who continues to lie in order to push an unpopular political agenda aimed at eliminating the second amendment. America would be better served by having a president that is more focused on eliminating Islamic terrorist groups instead of the rights of the American people.