Ridiculing Eighty Percent of the Country

imageThere is a new YouTube video trashing Donald Trump’s stance on immigration. While the video’s main attempt is to ridicule and mock Mr. Trump, it conveniently fails to acknowledge that 80 percent of the American people have the same stance on illegal immigration as does Mr. Trump. Keep in mind when you watch the video, it is not only mocking and ridiculing Mr. Trump, it is actually mocking and ridiculing 80 percent of the country.

Polling data suggests most Americans are fed up with illegal immigration. A majority of Americans (62%) believe the United States Justice Department should take legal action against sanctuary cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants. (58%) believe the federal government should cut off federal funds to cities that provide sanctuary for illegal immigrants. 63% of Americans believe in the idea of securing the border first before legalizing the status of undocumented illegal immigrants already living in the United States. This percentage is at its highest it’s ever been in polling.

A majority of Americans are disgusted and fed up at how the federal government’s policies continue to encourage and allow illegal immigrants to enter our country. In reality, the new YouTube ad isn’t the only entity that is mocking and poking fun at Donald Trump and the majority of Americans for their views on immigration, the federal government willingly does so every single day as it continues to defiantly fail to enforce the immigration laws of this country.