Taking Radical Islamic Terrorism Seriously

imageUnlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, most Americans believe we are at war with “radical Islamic terrorism.” According to a new poll 92 percent of Americans now regard, “radical Islamic terrorism” as a serious threat to the United States of America. 73 percent conclude that it is a, “very serious threat.” 60 percent of Americans polled now believe we are at war with “radical Islamic terrorism.” In a bizarre display yesterday, Hillary Clinton lectured to Americans something that is quite different than what most Americans now believe.


The American people understand we are at war with radical Islamic terrorism because they have seen people die in New York, Washington, D.C.. Shanksville, PA, Boston, Paris and Mali. The people are far more aware of the problem that faces our country than Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. Obama and Hillary Clinton can never utter the words, “radical Islamic terrorism.” They don’t live in the real world. Their’s consists of a politically correct world where make believe smart power niceties supersedes proven common sense awareness. They live in a fantasy land where they think that if they just forget and not mention the true enemies of the United States those enemies will disappear with a little bit of pink ferry dust. The two always seem to be in an utter state of denial when discussing a subject that most Americans know to be so vitally important to the country’s national security.

When you are at war and you have ignorant politicians who not only can’t, but won’t identify who the enemy is your country is in deep danger. For seven long years we have had an unhinged president who has consistently lectured at us about the glorious virtues of a barely existent minority in this country (Islam (0.9%). At the same time he constantly attackis with impunity the faith of the majority (78% Christian) of Americans who live in this country. Perhaps this is why he can’t come to grips with the reality that his favorite religion of peace isn’t all that peaceful after all. For an American president  that constantly lectures and defends the virtues of Islam, it has to be utterly embarrassing for him to know that, “radical Islamic terrorism” is officially a major threat to a majority of Americans.

For Hillary Clinton, it is both understandable and troubling that she doesn’t condem radical Islam when you take in consideration that her family’s foundation receives millions of dollars in donations from several Islamic countries.  Sunni dominated countries that are friendly to ISIS and al Qaeda such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Brunei, OmanUnited Arab Emirates have donated over $65,000,000.00 to her family’s foundation. Hillary even holds fundraisers at law firms that represents terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. Her family’s foundation excepts money from the mullah’s of Iran.  It has always been very troubling that Obama and Hillary Clinton always seem to be very comfortable when they raise their voice and lecture at the good people of this country while giving radical Islamic terrorism a total pass. They never seem to care about the traditions and values that a majority of people in this country believe in. America needs a president who will take the war on terror seriously rather than someone who gives false promises to further enrich their presidential campaign and family foundation with money donated from middle eastern countries. Recent polling suggests Americans aare starting to  wake up to the fact that the politicians they voted for are not serious about waging a real war against “radical Islamic terrorism,” When are the politicians going to finally wake up to that reality?

Musings From North Of The Border

I came up here to be an expatriate from Obama’s  new world order –  of jobs for Wal-Mart greeters and Kroger bag boys at minimum wage, for EVERYONE 55 and older. That is how he saved the economy. While playing golf…
And I had sentimental reasons as well. My mother was born here and she never changed her citizenship. Even though she spent her entire life paying US taxes in to Social Security.
Which begs a very funny question – why are we all paying in to Social Security which is going bankrupt, when WELFARE will NEVER go bankrupt?
It would of been a much better investment decision when one thinks about it, to never of had a job. And then get a free Obamma phone and “dith-abilty” as our entitlements. Why, did I never think of that option?
How does socialism work up north?  Funny you asked. This is how it works – Yesterday was my first trip to a Canadian gas station. The sign on the post says regular $1.17, I say to myself “far fucking out”, this is an oil rich country isn’t it?
Then I find out that socialists sell gas by the litre, not by the gallon. In other words it is actually 1.17 x 3.78 = or $4.42 a gallon. When I left Tennessee we were paying I think,  $2.39 per gallon.
It cost me $30 to get half a tank of gas.  Here is the breakdown in basic socialist mathematics :
1. 13% HST tax per litre
2. 10 cents Federal Tax per litre
3. 14.7 cents Provincial Tax per litre
WTF is a “Provincial Tax” if the government already got it twice above?
Lets do some other basic mathematics  here – there are 3.78 per litres to a gallon. The cheapest socialist gas available is $1.18 per litre so therefore $4.46 per gallon. Now then, per socialism:
1. HST = 58 cents per gallon
2. Federal = 38 cents per gallon
3. Province = 56 cents per gallon
In other words, in an oil rich country – VERY oil rich – where the native currency is being destroyed by FALLING oil prices – there are $1.52 in taxes imposed on every gallon of gas…
And NOW they are going to spend all that money to bring in 25,000  hard on their luck Syrian terrorists?
Hi! Welcome to Canada! Here is your free EBT card! Please do not suicide bomb us! Until you get settled that is…
Mother of god just make this stop…

Be Careful What You Wish For?

imageRemember the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for because it may come back to bite you in the ass?” It turns out that the political idiots on the left that lied about the virtues of  Obamacare were the ones getting the big kickbacks while most Americans knew they would eventually be the ones getting bitten in the ass.

In December of 2009, an email was sent from Obama adviser Jim Messina to AARP representative Nancy LeaMond congratulating her company for jumping on board with the newly crafted Obamacare bill. The email went on to say the White House wanted to use AARP’s membership database to robo call Nebraska senator Ben Nelson to seal the final vote for the unpopular bill. Senator Nelson would vote for Obamacare only after he was promised a kickback. At the time this email was sent out, 59% of Americans were against the president’s bill. Even worse, by a margin to 14 to 1 AARP’s own members disapproved of the bill. Why would AARP support a highly disliked bill such as Obamacare? Money. It turns out AARP would throw its 37 million members under the bus for a deal that would make the company one billion dollars.

Today, AARP’s healthcare insurer United Healthcare told investors that because of Obamacare’s deteriorating side effects on the industry it ultimately plans to leave the Obamacare exchanges all together after 2016. When asked if the nation’s largest health insurance company could go on and carry health insurance policies past 2016 a company spokesman said, “No.”

When United Health and other health insurance companies are forced to leave the marketplace due to the high costs of Obamacare, this will pressure the remaining insurance companies to pick-up the slack. Those remaining companies will have to take on more high-risk enrollees prompting them to raise rates or exit the market place altogether. You can blame AARP, president Obama and the democrat party for passing their socialist healthcare plan in 2009. They have finally proven that healthcare coverage mandated by the federal government at the cost of 2.7 trillion dollars is a gigantic utopian disaster that was destined to fail.

It turns out the only people who wished for the passage of Obamacare were the socialist democrat politicians and their crony businesse partners  in Washington, D.C… Sadly, the majority of Americans never wished for the passage of Obamacare, because they instinctively understood that in the end they would be the ones who would get bitten in the ass by it. How right they were.

Dangerous Immigration Policies

inspect2Connecting the dots is the first thing that is done by any good investigator when trying to solve a case. The same thing is done after any society experiences a horrific terrorist attack. In the end, what we always come to find is that the horrific terrorist attacks are always perpetuated by Muslim extremists. We are witnessing this same scenario in Paris, France today in the aftermath of the deadly terrorist attacks that were carried out by no other than, Muslim extremists. In this case they happen to hail from Syria. By connecting the dots between Muslim extremists and Muslim migration, this particular terrorist attack was predictable.

Back on September 10, 2015 the Islamic State openly telegraphed their desire to attack western civilization by smuggling 4,000 ISIS fighters amongst the thousands of migrant refugees currently flooding into Europe. Knowing this it is dumbfounding to learn that politicians such as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel and others continue to happily promote dangerous immigration policies that allow for the influx of thousands of Muslim migrants into their countries. An act of compassion or the kiss of death? You be the judge.

Here at home, Obama’s immigration strategy is to flood America with illegal immigrants from countries south of our border. He is also applying the same strategy when it comes to Muslim migrants from the Middle Eastern countries. A little over a month ago Obama tweeted out his intention to increase the amount of unfettered Syrian migrants into the United States to well over 100,000 per year. Is anyone in the Obama administration even a little bit concerned as to know what percentage of ISIS fighters in that group will we be going to go to war with in our home country?

If Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel or any other leftist politician on this planet is willing to endanger their own constituencies by allowing, “pathway to citizenship” type policies too just about anyone from anywhere, then they are increasing the chances of more terror attacks from Muslim extremists within their own countries. Their immigration plans are ignorant, illegal and dangerous to anyone with any common sense. Past experience proves to us that when you connect the dots between Muslim migration and Muslim extremism, you come to the understanding that both are quite deadly.

The Truth is Beginning to Slowly Leak Out

imageIn September of 2012, Hillary Clinton would repeatedly lie that an obscure video was responsible for the deadly terrorist attacks in Benghazi. She would make that audacious lie in order to try to protect herself from something much bigger. That would be illegally shipping American made weapons to Libya in violation of a UN arms embargo. On October 22, 2013 Hillary Clinton would again lie not only to Rand Paul, but to the entire country when she testified, “no” when asked if she was aware, “the U.S. was shipping weapons to the Libyan rebels directly or indirectly?”


New evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch reveals quite the opposite. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others not only knew about, but authorized the arm shipments being sent to Libya and Syria. In 2011, Hillary Clinton’s State Department illegally authorized an American arms dealer permission to transfer shipments of arms to Qatar which were later funneled to the rebels in Libya and Syria. Documents recovered at the burned out American annex in Benghazi proves that U.S. officials there were tracking American arm shipments intended for the so-called friendly rebels who were fighting for a post Gaddafi government.

Hillary’s State Department began to realize that half of the American made arms that flowed into Libya were winding up in Syria. At this time they also began to shockingly conclude that many of the rebel groups who were receiving the American arm shipments were groups affiliated with al Qaeda and other Muslim terrorist groups such as Ansar al-Sharia. Ironically, this group was responsible for the deadly terrorist attack on the American annex and CIA compound in Benghazi that left four Americans dead and many others wounded.

This is why the State Department and now the White House have been so exhaustively uncooperative and less forthcoming in releasing any relative information in over three years regarding the investigation into the Benghazi terrorist attacks. The reason for the obfuscation on the part of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is they know they are complicit in the death of four Americans on the night of September 11, 2012. The truth is beginning to slowly leak out. Drip by drip. 52 days after the tragic events in Benghazi, Obama was successful in running out the clock thus saving his reelection chances in 2012. Unfortunately for Hillary, there is plenty of time left on the clock for the truth to be told before November 2016.