Forever Destroying Itself From Within


Allahu Akbar”.

Like the United States, Germany is beginning to understand how dangerous socialist governments can be when they advocate for open borders and path-to-citizenship policies. The influx of illegal immigration is destroying both countries to the point that the populace is rising up to try to stop it. The immigration problem in Europe is so out of control that people are rushing to purchase guns. They can foresee that things are becoming outright dangerous.

The brain dead leftist politicians always love to brag  about their overall goodness and compassion of their socialist policies. They are in fact quite the opposite. These same idiots always decry how white a society is to somehow shame the majority into thinking the color of the majority’s skin is somehow a pejorative. The leftist political kooks in this country have had this preposterous idea since the sixties. That’s when they found out they weren’t winning the white vote at election time. This is why Ted Kennedy and his deceitful allies in congress evilly concocted the The Immigration Act of 1965. From 1924 to 1964 immigrants assimilating was successfully taking place amongst the people in America, It created a booming middle class that was well-off and flourishing. Despite this positive news about immigration assimilation, the democrats weren’t winning the presidency so things had to change.

After the bill was passed and signed into law on 1965, America has had an influx of well over 1,000,000 illegal and legal immigrants per year. Many of these immigrants who continue to flood into America illegally are from third world countries who lack a ninth grade education or less. They can’t speak the English language and lack the cognitive skills to enter our schools or join our work force. When large masses of people enter a country without the proper skills to cope within in it, tribalism and balkanization occurs. Assimilation doesn’t. Thus, they don’t become part of the common nationalistic culture. A majority of the immigrants entering our country illegally are eligible for food stamps and other government benefits the minute they step on American soil.

Whether it is Germany or the United States, there is nothing positive resulting in the leftist politician’s immigration agenda. The only thing that could be possibly construed as positive for the socialist liberals is an ever growing voting block of a permanent underclass that will need the assistance of government welfare to ultimately survive. The bad news is that we will begin to see our freedoms and traditions here at home slowly erode. This will occur when this new immigrant voting block starts to rise up and vote for the America hating agenda of the left. That agenda will be against the traditional common nature of assimilation that took place in your grandparent’s and your parent’s America. Shortly after the 1965 Immigration Act was signed, Ted Kennedy wrongly proclaimed, “this law will not cause American workers to lose their jobs!”

Because of the passage of The 1965 Immigration Act, the American left has gotten just what it wanted. A non-inclusive, multicultural voting block built to divide the nation with tribalism that is continually in a war with the the ideology and traditions that founded this country. America has become a nation of multiculturalism that resembles that of a dying Europe. It is sad to witness an erosion of the traditions and values of a once proud, healthy nation. One that held a common nationality that peacefully bound its citizenry in a cohesive and civil way. Leftist policies time and time again have proven to the world to be damaging and dangerous. If America continues on with this downward immigration spiral that mirrors that of Europe, it will forever destroy itself from within.

Truth, Juctice and the Rule of Law?


The U.S. ambassador picked by Hillary Clinton to serve in Libya in 2012 repeatedly asked for better security and protection in Benghazi. He knew how dire the situation was becoming prior to his untimely murder on September 11, 2012. Weeks before the terrorist attack on our compound the British closed their embassy due to the uptick in violence. Christopher Stevens wrote up to 600 requests for stronger security at the compound in Benghazi. The requests were ultimately denied by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The only time there was ever any enhanced security at the American compound was when Hillary Clinton made a visit. The rebel group that Hillary Clinton’s  State Department hired for security outside the compound was an Islamic militia group named the February 17th Brigade. On the night of September 11, 2012, The February 17th Brigade was mysteriously AWOL and no where in sight. They were supposedly on strike that night in protest of low wages and long working hours.

The decisions that were made by the Clinton State Department prior to the terrorist attack proved to be fatal to four Americans who were working there that night. Hillary, with the loyal assistance from her Liar Czar Media cheerleaders, have absolved her from any blame or responsibility for their deaths. Hillary Clinton has said the person most responsible for the death of ambassador Chris Stevens, was Chris Stevens.

Hillary Clinton’s lies regarding the video excuse were detailed by Ohio congressman James Jordan in Washington last week for the whole world to see. He brilliantly exposed the truth about Mrs. Clinton’s lies to the American people by using Mrs. Clinton’s previous factual inaccuracies.

It is apparently quite obvious that the inner circle of the Obama White House along with Hillary Clinton’s State Department knew the video excuse they attributed to the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack was a totally fabricated lie. It was a lie told to the American people to help keep Obama’s 2012 reelection theme, “General Motors is alive and bin Laden is dead.” Alive.

Shortly after Mrs. Clinton’s disastrous appearance before the Benghazi Committee last week, the Liar Czar Media, unsurprisingly declared that Mrs. Clinton was the big winner! If the democrat party and their willing accomplices in the press are allowed to decide that truth, justice and the rule of law aren’t applicable to Hillary Clinton, then she will be able to get away with anything anytime she wants.

No Wonder Hillary is Laughing

With the Clinton’s it has been well known to everyone for over thirty years now that whenever they get caught breaking the law, they automatically place the blame on right-wing republicans. Hillary is currently using this excuse in her response to her email scandal that was born out of the Benghazi investigation. The only reason the investigation has been on a snail’s pace over the past four years is because of the typical Clinton obfuscation of the facts while withholding information from the Clinton State Department related to the Benghazi terrorist attack.

On Sunday, the presumed 2016 democrat presidential candidate laughed at an interviewer who questioned her judgement in handling the Benghazi terrorist attack. Finding out the truth of what happened the night of September 11, 2012 doesn’t seem to be a big concern to Mrs. Clinton. Too Hillary it seems quite hilarious.

Ironically, during Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential bid in 2008 her campaign produced an ad that asked, “who would you trust to take the 3am phone call?” The ad questioned whether Barack Obama’s lack of experience disqualified him to be commander-in-chief.

Just days prior to her testimony at the Benghazi committee on Capital Hill this week that questioned should be pondered by everyone, “Would you trust Hillary Clinton to take the 3am phone call?” Looking at Hillary’s previous behavior the answer is obviously  no. First of all, under a Hillary Clinton presidency we would never have known if an emergency 3am phone call was ever made in the first place. Secondly, if Hillary Clinton were ever elected president we would to be forced to go through numerous long lasting investigations by congress just to find out if a 3am phone call was ever made during a deadly terrorist attack. Thirdly, the Liar Czar Media of the corrupt democrat party would help block any incriminating information that could be successfully used to understand the actual truth in any such investigation. After all, finding out the truth about any criminal investigation that happens to involve their favorite democrat politician can be fatally damaging to their careers as well as their friends.

Hillary Clinton had the right to question whether Barack Obama had the experience to take a 3am phone call back in 2008. In light of the circumstances on the night of September 11, 1012, we now know Barack Obama didn’t have the cajones to answer a phone call from Benghazi late that night. As for Hillary Clinton, she has proven she can’t be trusted either to admit to making or answering that emergency call. Sadly, to this day we still don’t know the truth about what Obama or even she was doing on that tragic night. No wonder Hillary is laughing.

“When Bad Behavior is Rewarded, It Only Gets Worse”


The world was assured by Obama and his orgasmic news media that the nuclear agreement with Iran was not only a historic piece of greatness that enhanced the legacy of our young and tremendously gifted president, but that it was signed, sealed and ceremoniously delivered. We knew this because they couldn’t wait to tell us.

In what must be an embarrassing twist of fate, it turns out Iran’s parliament along with dictator Ali Khamenei voted against the Obama agreement altogether. They discarded and threw out the Obama/Kerry/senate democrat document and manufactuered their own that calls for the dismantling of Israel’s nuclear weapons program as well as the sanctions that were initially put in place against them.

The prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu wisely warned the world at the United Nations last month that, “when you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

This is what continues to happen when our young president foolishly reaches out to the clenched fists of despotic dictators whether it is Iran, Russia, China or Cuba.  We can always count on the Liar Czar Media propagandists to tell us that after every meaningless photo op and/or agreement Obama makes with any world dictator that it is earth shattering and historic. They are correct! Dangerously so.

It’s 1984 all over Again!

imageFrom 1980 through 1988 the United States had a president who understood the need for America to be a defender of peace and prosperity around the world. The popular belief back in the 1980’s was that a proud America would never back down from any potential threat from any foreign country that wished to expand an agenda that was harmful to the values of any freedom loving nation on this earth. This was an attitude a majority of Americans proudly held and stood by. It was an attitude Ronald Reagan ran on during his successful re-election campaign in 1984. Reagan understood the dangerous nature of dealing with an aggressive Russian bear. That’s why his 1984 campaign ran on that idea.

Unfortunately, some 36 years later America has a very different president.  That president lives in a make-believe world that thinks all you need to do is sign unverifiable nuclear arms agreements and appear in photo-ops with the bear and his untrustful friends and they will then leave you alone. America has foolishly forgotten the aggressive nature that pertains to the old Russian bear. America has fallen away from the idea of protecting freedom and liberty here at home and abroad.  America now lives with the false reality that safety and comfort will coincide with the naive notion that just leaving the dangerous “bear” alone is enough to keep the ferociousness of the animal in check. With what we now know about Russia’s involvement with Syria, that idea does not comport to reality. Americans have forgotten that when a bear wants something badly, it will stop at nothing at getting it. There is no success in pleading or negotiating with the bear.

America’s foreign policy has been asleep in the woods for the past 6  years while the old Russian bear has been on the prowl expanding its military presence in Ukraine and now the Middle East. President Obama’s stupefying and foolish foreign policy decisions of toppling stable governments and replacing them with dangerous Islamic theocracies is mind-bogglingly stupid.  His destabilization of the Middle East has left a power vacuum so large that not only the Russian’s can see it, but everyone else can too. That reality has left the door wide open in allowing the old Russian bear to expand his horizons by grabing anything and everything it chooses. Somebody needs to tell president Obama that thanks to him, it is 1984 all over again!