America Needs to Ban the Rainbow Flag!

imageAmerica needs to ban the Rainbow flag! That’s right! If we had to ban the evil and racist confederate flag from flying after the murders by Dylan Roof in South Carolina, then it’s time to do the same exact thing after a raging homosexual named Vester Lee Flanagan executed two innocent straight people and wounded a third while they were on a reporting assignment in Virginia.

This violent and racist homosexual admitted in his manifesto that he committed the gruesome murders as payback for not only the South Carolina massacre, but because he claimed he suffered from sexually discrimination and sexual harassment at work. In light of this information wouldn’t it be wise for congress to pass new legislation disallowing homosexuals from owning guns in the first place. Who knows when another irrational homosexual might get out of whack endangering the lives of anyone else who does not adhere to their freak show lifestyle? That would save a lot of lives in the end would it not?

After all, we now have empirical data that tells us that when a homosexual suddenly becomes emotionally distraught they may become violent putting innocent lives of normal Americans at risk. In order to make America a safer place to live for all of its citizens would it not be in our best interest to ban the Rainbow flag altogether? It represents a queer and repressive lifestyle that portrays a very small minority of people in our country that we now know hates anyone and anything that doesn’t believe or adhere to their peculiar way of life.

In the wake of the killings in Virginia by an evil, dangerous and confused homosexual, it’s time to have a national discussion on what has now become blatantly obvious to anyone who can see straight. The Rainbow flag has now become a dangerously racist symbol of the homosexual minority in this country. In the aftermath of this violent act, it is time for our fragile nation to heal. The only right way for this to be possibly done is to once and for all banish the Rainbow flag from existence. It  represents pure evil. If the confederate flag had to be banned and taken down after the murders in South Carolina, then it would only be right for Rainbow flag to banned and taken down after the horrendous executions in Virginia.

Following the Rules?

imageWhen reporters attend news conferences they understand there are rules and guidelines that must be used in order to conduct a proper presser. If there weren’t any rules and guidelines the event would have no order and chaos would ensue. Well, that’s what happened when Univision’s Jorge Ramos attended Donald Trump’s presidential campaign event yesterday. Mr. Ramos discarded those rules and made a staged and deliberate spectacle of himself in order to promote his pro-amnesty agenda. Mr. Ramos antics was so over the top he had to be deported from the event.

Much like the mindset of illegal aliens who deliberately cross our southern border, Mr. Ramos doesn’t think he has to wait his turn or follow the rules when it comes to adhering to the proper protocol while reporting from a presidential candidate’s news conference

Mr. Ramos isn’t a news anchor. He is an advocate for illegal aliens breaking the law. After all, it has been well documented that he and Univision are staunch supporters of illegal amnesty and Hillary Clinton. Univision has a financial interest in illegal aliens.  They are future viewers that will drive up ratings and profits for Univision that will enhance their corporate bottom line.. It’s not about compassion for Univision and the democrat party. It’s  about television ratings and voter demographics. Univision, Jorge Ramos and the democrat party need illegal aliens. That’s why they are working hard at getting Hillary Clinton elected in 2016.

Jorge Ramos wasn’t attending the Donald Trump news conference yesterday as a reporter for Univision. He was crashing the event as a community organizer to promote Univision’s and Hillary Clinton’s pro-amnesty agenda. That agenda is bad for America because it encourages millions of foreigners to llegally invade our country for the sole purpose of acquiring a larger cable audience that will undoubtably vote for politicians who promote and support the democrat party’s ever growing and unsustainable welfare state.

Fading into Oblivion?

imageDonald Trump’s presidential poll numbers continue to skyrocket while Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers are suddenly plummeting. Donald Trump speaks to stadiums with enthusiastic crowds of well over 30,000 people while Hillary speaks to a gathering of less than a few hundred. Hillary Clinton was billed by many in the Liar Czar Media as the smartest woman on the planet. We the people were constantly told by her media surrogates that as a presidential candidate she was unbeatable. Just a few short months after her official announcement that meme has all but vanished with new polls suggesting that Hillary is not only beatable, she is already toast. What does a wounded and weak political candidate do to try to stay in the game? You use the methodology of Marxist Saul Alinsky. You pick the target. Freeze it. Personalize it. Then polarize it using your free Liar Czar Media hacks. This exact strategy is being implemented by NBC Universal’s late night court jester Seth Meyers. Below, Mr. Meyers personally ridicules and mocks Donald Trump by comparing him to Jared Fogler. Mr. Fogle just so happens to be the Subway sandwich pitchman who faces a long prison term for buying sex from underage children.

Keep in mind that Seth Meyers is a close and personal friend of the Clinton’s. He has hosted four Clinton Global Citizens awards banquets for the Clinton Foundation slush fund. He has reportedly been paid up to $25,000 for each appearance. Mr. Meyers also works for a media conglomerate that is pro-Clinton. NBC Universal has donated thousands of dollars and free air time to prop up and promote Mrs. Clinton’s foundation using NBC’s on-air-talent.

When the book, “Clinton Cash” came out detailing the unethical and illegal practice of influence peddling between the Clinton’s and foreign governments while Hillary was Secretary of State, Seth Meyers vehemently denied any wrong doing and bashed the book’s author as a typical right-winger and proclaimed, “that republicans would treat the book as if summer is coming!”

In the paranoid world of Seth Meyers and NBC Universal, anyone who dares to expose the criminal and unethical activities of a the Clinton’s, that someone must be mocked and vilified in order to protect their political investment. It isn’t the republicans or Donald Trump who are destroying the political career of Hillary Clinton, it is Hillary Clinton and the Liar Czar Media who have downplayed and suppressed the truth. If it weren’t for the acknowledgment by the FBI, CIA and a few inspector’s generals the public would have never known about Hillary Clinton’s illegal private server that contained classified and top secret information. Someone needs to remind Hillary Clinton and NBC that summer is upon us and they can smear and laugh all they want at any republican presidential opponent. In the end, all that smearing and laughing may not be at the expense of a republican candidate, but at the expense of a democrat candidate whose presidential aspirations are quickly fading into oblivion long before the summer of 2015 concludes.

Lack of Honesty and Truthfulness


Hillary Clinton is no different than any other dishonest politician. The truth must always be hidden. Anyone or anything that shines the light of truth on their dangerous agenda must be quickly removed and extinguished. This is why Hillary Clinton has continued to obfuscate and deny she never sent or received any top-secret information using her illegal,  private email server. Never mind that the server was unsecured in the million dollar estate of a former impeached president of the United States. It was only on June 25, 2015 that Hillary Clinton whole heartedly denied any rule breaking on her part.

According to newly obtained documents by government officials, Hillary Clinton did lie. She sent and received classified and top secret emails from five government agencies. On Tuesday the FBI and the Justice Department have presumably confiscated Hillary’s thumb drives and servers to further investigate the illegality and criminal activity on the part of the democrat presidential front runner. Never before in our nations history has a presidential candidate been investigated by the federal government during a presidential campaign. One can only imagine the disfunction and turmoil that is suddenly rifling through the bowels of the Clinton campaign this week?

New polling data released this week doesn’t foretell good news for the Clinton campaign either. Socialist senator Bernie Sanders has overtaken Mrs. Clinton in New Hampshire in a new Franklin Pearce/Herald poll. The poll results give Bernie Sanders 41% to Mrs. Clinton’s 37% in the Granite State. In Iowa, Public Policy Polling in April showed Hillary Clinton leading by four points. Today, she is losing to four republican contenders by four points. A recent Quinnipiac University Poll found that Hillary is losing to three republican contenders in the all important swing states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. The truth is finally beginning to see the light of day concerning the criminal activity regarding the former Secretary of State and the presumed democrat presidential nominee. In June, 57% of voters viewed Mrs. Clinton as not honest and trustworthy. With the damning new email revelations that surfaced on Tuesday, that undoubtably highlights Hillary’s lack of honesty and truthfulness, look for those negative poll numbers to eccelerate causing what little momentum her flailing presidential campaign once had to falter.

Strengthening the Grip of Tyranny


Back in 2009, Barack Obama had a chance to lessen the grip of tyranny for millions of Iranians who were marching through the streets of Iran demanding freedom. It was called the Green Movement and our president paid no attention to it.

Today, some six years later our naive and childish president is making a horrendously bad nuclear arms agreement with that same hardline Islamic dictatorship of Iran. Obama foolishly believes he can bamboozle the American people into thinking that his agreement will be helpful and prosperous to the Iranian people. He ignorantly ignores the plain simple fact that when making an agreement with a dictatorship, it is the dictatorship that is rewarded instead of the people. Obama isn’t helping to lessen the grip of tyranny on the people of Iran. He is dangerously strengthening it.

How is making a deal with a brutal dictatorship going to lessen the grip of a repressive government that keeps its people under the thumb of tyranny?

Furthermore, why is that if anyone who dares to tell the inconvenient truth about this naive and pathetic agreement that person is mocked and made fun of by a dangerous and dishonest president? A president, by the way, who defiantly declares that if anyone who is not on board with his silly agreement automatically gets compared to the crazy Iranian mullah’s who continue to insanely chant, “Death to America!”

History will note that the president of the United States from 2009 to 2016 was the most divisive and partisan politician this country has ever known. Never before has our country witnessed a president who regularly uses reckless and dangerous rhetoric to impose unfavorable policies that continues to divide and harm the people of this country by using race, gender and income status. What we have witnessed over the last seven years is a pure demigod. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. We should not only be fearful of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon, we should be more fearful of Obama for making it happen.