Fails to Deliver


There is no difference between socialism and liberalism in the democrat party today. The two ideologies have colluded together to from the National Socialist-Democrat Party. When asked what the difference was between the two political philosophies, the chairwoman of the Democrat National Committee couldn’t give an answer. The answer is they are one in the same.

This is why you have the socialist senator from Vermont, who is running for president in 2016, drawing over 100,000 people at his campaign stops. Bernie Sanders is not only drawing huge crowds, he seems to be gaining on Hillary Clinton in the newest Gallup Poll. The poll indicates that Sanders is outperforming Hillary in the favorability category. The more Sanders promotes collectivism the more people seem to like him. It seems people favor the idea of Socialism. The idea promises big government programs with giveaways that ultimately creates higher taxation rates on every single individual which correlates to the erosion of one’s own personal freedom. People don’t seem to understand that when they crave for free things that are provided to them by the government someone winds up paying for them in the long run. What the socialist politician won’t tell you is that the person paying for the free stuff in the long run is you. This is true whether it is, “free” education, housing, food stamps, internet or healthcare. Al Sharpton understood the concept of socialism when Obama was ramming Obamacare down the throats of all Americans whether they liked it or not. In 2009 Al Sharpton, who holds the record for visiting the White House, admits to what transforming America was all about.

Our American government was founded on the principles of limited government and free market capitalism because the founders understood from their own history how dangerous big tyrannical government was all about. They lived under the tyranny of the King of England and wanted no part of it. They brilliantly set up our new government with checks and balances afforded by the constitution that would insure the safety of the citizenry from an out-of-control big government apparatus. Those checks and balances the founders wisely set up over 239 years ago to safeguard our individual liberty from tyranny are being eroded by big centralized government. Today we are seeing our individual freedoms we once cherished vanish before our very eyes for the false hope of a collectivist ideology that fails to deliver wherever it is has been tried. It’s called socialism.

Biting The Hand That Feeds You

imageBiting the hand that feeds you is often a bad idea under normal circumstances. Except when the one doing the biting gets off the hook for showing its unbridled, ingratitude. This behavior was on display this week when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran tweeted an inappropriate image of our young and respected president pointing a gun at his forehead with the headline, “if any war happens. The one who will emerge loser will be the aggressive and criminal U.S.”

Now why would a country ruled by radical Muslim clerics continue to belittle and mock a president that has just formulated a non-binding agreement that allows them the ability to continue its nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs?  Even worse, the deal allows for Iran to continue funding terrorist activities around the world that ultimately endangers the lives of  all Americans.

This is why many free thinking people continue to believe that the bad Iran deal that was negotiated between the U.S. and Iran cannot be possibly taken seriously. How can it be when Iran continues to bite the unclenched fist of a niave U.S. president that has mistakenly given them practically everything they have ever wanted?

The Perfect Legacy

MohammadI Javad Zariff Iranian Foreign Minister

MohammadI Javad Zariff
Iranian Foreign Minister

What we have ascertained over the years regarding the Obama administration is the old adage that fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This can be applied to the administrations past promises of tough, thorough inspections on Iran’s nuclear facilities. This two-faced hypocrisy was on display this week when Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes was discussing the nuclear weapons deal with Iran with CNN’s Liar Czar Media member Erin Burnett. What the administration was saying in June was altogether different in July. You must keep in mind that to most people in the real world 24-7 means 24 hours and seven days a week. To the idiots in the White House 24-7 now means 24 days and seven years.

It is shameful and idiotic for anyone in the Liar Czar Media to describe this weak, one-sided deal as successful and historic when Obama couldn’t even negotiate for the release of three American hostages.

What is even more embarrassing for the Obama White House is that even Secretary of State John Kerry had to admit, “We never had discussions about anywhere, anytime managed access.”

So let’s get this straight. The totalitarian government of Iran, which happens to be the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world is permitted to; be sanction free and receive over $150 billion dollars, continue spinning centrifuges for its nuclear program and continue their terrorist activities against America and its allies. Seems to me that not only Iran, but president Barack Obama gets to continue to do what they have always been able to do. That is fabricate, obfuscate and lie. Sounds like the perfect legacy for Barack Obama.

Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton’s attack on God


Just like the, “Communist Manifesto” co-author Karl Marx, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are outwardly telling Americans how they plan to”change” or abolish religion in America altogether. It was Karl Marx who dispised religion insinuating that it was, “the opiate of the people.” Marx believed that religion was needlessly giving the working class false hope and that it retarded human development. Marx along with communist dictator Vladimir Stalin believed that state imposed atheism was better at providing for the working class. When today’s corrupt politicians begin telling you that they plan to, “change” your religion, they  plan to, “change” who you worship.

Marx’s plan was to take down a capitalist society by slowly implementing socialism at first, then move onto communism in the final stage. When you have state imposed atheism, in the end what effectively happens is your God becomes your government. This is the utopian dream the totalitarian left has been planning on for years.

The Jekyll & Hyde Party attack on Tradition


What we witnessed this week in South Carolina was an utter embarrassment by the over-the-top, deranged American left. For them, the chance to never let a crisis go to waste is a motto they seem to follow hourly 365 days a year. Following the June murders of nine people in Charleston, South Carolina, the American left decided to place their usual displaced anger on lax gun laws, southern culture and a flag rather than the real person who actually did the killing.  This was conveniently done before any of the facts were known. Facts don’t matter to the left. The only thing that does matter is moving their tradition-hating agenda forward as quickly as they can.

Hillary Clinton was the first leftist to take advantage of the media orchestrated campaign that concocted staged anger and unrest of a few over a flag that has represented to a majority of good people the embodiment of southern culture that is steeped in pride and  traditional values. Yet, after a horrific mass murder what does the socialist left try to blame  first?  A flag that represents tradition to millions of people. Here is Hillary hypocritically denouncing the newly, “racist” confederate flag when, unbeknownst to the moronic, clapping seals in her audience, she used it in her own presidential campaign back in 2008.

Where is the law that says  that Hillary Clinton can have a corporation ban anything? There is none. Hillary displays a dangerous arrogance of ignoring the law that mirrors Obama. Two of the corporations Hillary thanked for  illegally banning and destroying merchandise were eBay and Walmart. Both of these corporations are part of the thousands who are loyal to the Clinton cabal. They donate millions to their family foundation slush fund. Walmart has donated up to $5,000,000 to play along with the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund. Even eBay has donated up to $50,000 and has committed $5,000,000 in free money to help keep the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund alive.

Let it not be forgotten that Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton practically draped themselves with the now racist confederate flag when they were all running for president back in 1992. 1996, 2008, 2012.

It is also relevant to know that it was democrat Governor Fritz Hollings who first hoisted the confederate flag up the flag pole in South Carolina in the first place back in 1961. Sorry people. Can’t blame a republican here!

Bill Clinton was the democrat Governor of Arkansas in 1987 when he signed into law a proclamation that made the now racist confederate flag a pivotal part of Arkansas state history. Every leftist politician, in what seems to be the Jekyll and Hyde party, loves to embrace the tradition of the confederate flag when they are in desperate need for votes.

Moments after the flag was taken down in South Carolina on Friday we finally learned who the real culprit was to affix blame for the tragic murders in June. It turns out it wasn’t lax gun laws, southern culture or even a silk flag. It was big government red tape at the FBI that failed to notice a previous felony conviction of the killer Dylan Roof. This big government red tape failure allowed Dylan Roof to unlawfully purchase a gun that was used to commit the horrific murders. The American left will never let a crisis go to waste even after learning that their big government policies created the crisis in the first place. Facts don’t matter to the left. The only thing of importance to them is moving their tradition hating agenda forward as quickly as possible.

Last week the American left was using the confederate flag in campaign paraphernalia. This week they were seemingly successful in banning and evicerating anything with the confederate logo including flags,  movies, television shows, books, card games, buttons, shirts, belt buckles, coffee cups, bumper stickers, neck ties and cars. The list is endless. What traditions will they be banning in the weeks to follow?