Participating In Their Own Demise

baltThe Baltimore, Maryland and Ferguson, Missouri riots have nothing to do about young men dying in confrontations with police officers. It has nothing to do about the rule of law either. It is about spending more taxpayer money to build more government programs that in the end create more inner city problems. Creating dependency in the inner city leads to more poor people who become addicted to big government socialism. Liberal democrat politicians are all in with that. They run on that message and the voters always fall for their inane emotional message of helping the little guy. In the end it creates devastating results. What these rioting idiots are really doing is participating in their own demise.

Since the war on poverty began in the 1960’s American taxpayers have spent 22 trillion dollars to fight poverty. After that war began over fifty years ago the same number of people remain in poverty. So if this war strategy is proven to be not working why not change course and try something different? If young men believe that there is no hope for a better life in their communities in which they live in would it not be in their best interest to vote differently? Would it not dawn on them that voting for a socialist democrat for all these years actually hasn’t helped their lot in life? Why do they let leftist politicians incentivize them into staying in their poor neighborhoods and survive on meager welfare payments that only keeps them existing on government handouts for the rest of their forgotten lives?

You gotta love how the socialist democrat politicians who routinely whine about income inequality are actually the self righteous ignoramuses who create it in the first place. Cities with the highest rates of income inequality are run by socialist democrats. It’s because they run on helping the little guy and the little guy always falls for it and votes for them waiting for something better to happen to them to make their so called burden in life a little more bearable. In the end all that happens to them is that more people begin to see more people in the same predicament as they are in. Instead of lashing out at the socialist democrat politicians who have created this mess, these people start displacing their anger out on society in general and the people who have been hired to keep society civil are the police officers.

When the angry people begin to understand the true nature of who is responsible for their plight in life, only then will they hopefully look for something different. If the last 50 years of experience doesn’t explain anything then nothing will. They need to understand that voting for people who only care about the little guy only creates more little guys. When all these little guys start getting together to release their frustrations and anger at being a little guy, they need to understand that it is they who are responsible for themselves and it is they who are actually participating in their own demise.